Are VTech Phones Good?

Are VTech Phones Good?

The VTech IS8151-4 offers impressive range, good-enough voice quality, four handsets, and every other feature we can think of.

Why is my VTech phone not ringing?

If the phone does not ring at all, you may have the ringer turned off. The handset and base have independent ringer programming. Step 2: Press ▲DIR or ▼CID to display >Ringers, then press MENU/SELECT. At the lowest setting, the ringer is silent and Ringer mute (or Ringer off) is displayed on the handset.

How do you reset a VTech phone?

How to Factory Reset VTech Phones

  1. Press the Menu key when the phone is idle, navigate to Status > Network on the phone.
  2. Log in the phone web interface with your username and password. username: admin. password: admin.
  3. Go to SERVICING > Provisioning, click Reset.
  4. Click OK to reset the phone.

How do I fix my Vtech cordless phone?

Reset your Phone If your telephone is not operating normally, disconnect the battery(s) from the handset and disconnect power from the base. After a few minutes, connect power to the base, install the battery(s) and cradle the handset in the base to allow it to establish a link. You can now try using your phone again.

How do I turn on my VTech ringer?

Press the “Prog” button on the handset. This will bring up the menu for the VTech cordless phone, which will allow you to change many different programmable functions on the phone. The menu will be displayed on the screen on the handset. Press the “Up” or “Down” buttons on the handset until you see “Ringer Vol.”

How do I fix my VTech cordless phone?

How do I contact VTech?

For customer service, visit our website at or call (800) 595-95. In Canada, go to or call (800) 267-7377.

What is a VTech product?

VTech products are designed and built with one purpose in mind – to put technology into the hands of people. Electronic toys that help children learn. Cordless phones that connect families and offices. Customised products across a range of fields for other leading brands.

Where is the VTech office located in Buckinghamshire?

VTech Communications Ltd. 9,Manor Courtyard Hughenden Avenue High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP13 5RE United Kingdom (MAP) Tel: +44 1494 522 220. Fax: +44 1494522 001

What is VTech’s warranty policy?

During the limited warranty period, VTech’s authorized service representative will repair or replace at VTech’s option, without charge, a Materially Defective Product. If we repair the Product, we may use new or refurbished replacement parts.