Data Transfer Using Mendix Web Service’s

What is Web Service? A web service is a generic term for an interoperable machine-to-machine software function that is hosted at a network addressable location. This is a network accessible interface to application functionality/code using the standard internet technologies. And which provides an abstract layer between the client side application and application code. This allows […]

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In Daily Life In The Future

Technology is advancing at a great pace. Artificial intelligence is the newfound technology which will gradually conquer the world due to its facilities. Artificial intelligence has always been a concept limited only to the science fiction movies since decades. However, recently scientists have started developing and discovering real artificial intelligent devices and techniques for the […]

Meaning, Functions, and, Systems of Human Resource Development

Meaning of Human Resource Development:- Human Resource Development is an internal part of Human Resource Management. This is focused on the behavior, development, skills, talent, appraisal methods, and potential skills of employees and employers for the achievement of organizational goals. This is the framework for the expansion of human capital or resources within a particular organization. […]

Best Arcade Sports Games Ever

There have been a number of retro arcade sports games to have been produced over the years, with some titles certainly being a lot better than others with what they provide players. Admittedly, the same can be said for plenty of things in life, such as betting markets as well, although do their best […]