What does TOC stand for in building?

What does TOC stand for in building?

Top Of Concrete
TOC – Top Of Concrete.

What is TOC in civil drawing?

TOC – Top Of Concrete.

What does T stand for in architecture?

Architectural Abbreviations

RBR Rubber
TOC Top Of Concrete
TOS Top Of Steel
TPD Toilet Paper Dispenser
T/D Telephone/Data

Whats does TOC mean?

TOC is the concentration of organic carbon in source rock. TOC is a measurement of the organic richness of sedimentary rocks. The main purpose of the TOC measurement is determination of the total amount of organic carbon preserved in a sediment, shale, or coal.

What does TOC stand for?

TOC means “Table of Contents.”

What is TOC measured in?

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is a measure of the total amount of carbon in organic compounds in pure water and aqueous systems. TOC is a valued, analytical technique that is applied by organizations and labs to determine how suitable a solution is for their processes.

What is TOC company?

TOC Logistics International, LLC. is a rapidly expanding logistics management organization. We build relationships both with our customers and with professionals in our industry. These connections help us offer our customers operational efficiency improvements and opportunities for cost reductions.

What means TOC?

What is called TOC?

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a philosophy of management and continuous improvement originally developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and introduced in a book called The Goal.

What does TOF (top of footing) mean in construction?

Tof (Top Of Footing / Top Of Floor / Top Of Frame) – What Does Tof (Top Of Footing / Top Of Floor / Top Of Frame) Mean in Construction? What is TOF? The designation of TOF normally indicates either top of footing, top of floor, or top of frame.

What is TOC in construction?

TOC Top of Cement (oil and gas industry) TOC Top of Concrete (surveying or construction) TOC Taking over Certificate (construction contract) TOC Time Overcurrent (electrical power system protection) TOC

What is the difference between TOC and top?

TOC Also referred to as TC is top of curb. The term TOC refers to the elevation above sea level for the top of curb. TOP Also referred to as TP is Top of Pavement. The term TOP refers to the elevation

What does TOF mean on a site-work document?

The TOF or top of frame on a site-work document usually indicates that same as the rim height of the frame. A frame is an installation that is mounted on the top of a catch-basin, a manhole, or another assembly that is installed in most cases, under the ground.