Who Won Steve Cunningham vs Tyson Fury?

Who Won Steve Cunningham vs Tyson Fury?

Fury was sent crashing to the canvas after being caught flush, but he rose up before delivering a savage hook of his own to end the contest in the seventh round. It remains Cunningham’s only ever knockout defeat from his 40-fight career.

Did Steve Cunningham knock down Tyson Fury?

Both the heavy-hitters landed flush in the beginning, and after crossing the first round, Cunningham rose to the occasion. The two were engaged in an intense exchange, and Fury was using his reach to maintain distance. But Cunningham connected with an overhand right hook and knocked him down.

When did Fury fight Steve Cunningham?

TYSON FURY admits he was getting outboxed by former foe Steve Cunningham before brutally knocking him out on his American debut. The 33-year-old pitted his wits against the former IBF cruiserweight champion in New York in April 2013.

How tall is Steve Cunningham?

6′ 3″
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What does Shane fury do?

The court heard Shane Fury works seasonally as an airport car parking assistant, and part-time with the family landscaping business.

Who did Ruiz lose?

Anthony Joshua
Professional boxing record

No. Result Opponent
36 Win Chris Arreola
35 Loss Anthony Joshua
34 Win Anthony Joshua
33 Win Alexander Dimitrenko

Was Steve Cunningham in the Navy?

The 41-year-old Cunningham left his Philadelphia home to serve four years in the Navy (1994-98), mostly on aircraft carriers. He said he passed the test to move up as an aviation boatswain’s mate (fuels) but didn’t advance, and ”by the time I got to take the test for E-4 again, I was processing out to chase the dream.”

How old is Steve Cunningham?

45 years (July 15, 1976)
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