How do I pay my hypothecation cancellation fee online?

How do I pay my hypothecation cancellation fee online?

Payments can be now also made online by visiting – –> Online Services –> Vehicle Related Services –> Enter your vehicle number –> Choose your service –> Misc. You will have to provide the concerned officer with the online payment receipt on your visit to the RTO.

Can I remove hypothecation from RC online?

Remove Hypothecation from RC Online Process There, you will find Vehicle Related Services through which you can enter your state and RTO office details. Once you enter the Registration and Chassis number, you will be directed to the gateway to submitting an online application for the hypothecation cancellation form.

How can I cancel hypothecation online in Kerala?

Go to On the right side of the page, in ‘Apply Online’ section, click on ‘Vehicles’. Click on ‘Apply Online’ for ‘Cancel Hypothecation’ option.

How do you apply for cancellation of hypothecation?

An application to remove hypothecation along with the following documents should be submitted to the RTO:

  1. Original Vehicle RC.
  2. Copy of driving license.
  3. PUC certificate copy.
  4. Two self-signed Form 35 copies.
  5. Copy of insurance policy.
  6. RTO copy of NOC.

What is hypothecation fee?

Hypothecation charges refer to the additional fee that vehicle owners need to submit at the RTO when acquiring the RC without the bank’s name on it. Thus, after submitting the bank’s NOC, you would need to bear a charge before you can collect the fresh RC.

What is the Form 35?

RTO Form 35: Application for Termination of an Agreement of Hire-Purchase or Lease or Hypothecation. Sometimes automobile owners purchase their vehicles under hire-purchase or lease or hypothecation agreements with Financiers.

How do I cancel RC online?


  1. Step 1: To avail the service,User has to Login on “”
  2. Step 2: On successfully login, Move your mouse over “Online Services” and select “RC Surrender”.
  3. Step 3: Enter Registration Number, Chassis Number and Click on Generate OTP.

How do I check cancellation status for hypothecation?

How to check if hypothecation is removed online? You can check your hypothecation cancellation status for your vehicle’s RC using the Parivahan portal, You need to enter your application number to check the status.

What is hypothecation agreement?

Hypothecation deed is a legal document that establishes contractual relations between the lender and the borrower wherein the lender agrees to grant a loan amount to the borrower in return for movable asset provided as security as well as the lenders right to seize the possession of such security if the borrower …

How do I get my form 35 online?

Filing Form No. 35. Visit site Already registered user click on ‘Login here’ and provide appropriate user id and password.