When should I drink soju?

When should I drink soju?

Like wine, soju is meant to be consumed with food, and vice versa. “They have a word in Korea that we don’t have,” Hill says. “’Anju,’ which means food that is specifically made to be consumed with alcohol.” In addition to drinking it with food, the way it’s traditionally served is also important.

What mixes well with soju?

Soju Bomb (Soju + Beer) & Coke. Photo from thrillist.com.

  • Soju Latte (Soju + Coffee)
  • Yogurt Soju (Yakult/Dutch Mill + Soju)
  • Fruity Soju (Pineapple/Mango/Lemon/Orange + Soju)
  • Soju Melona (Melona + Soju + Sprite)
  • Energizer Soju (Soju + Gatorade + Pineapple Juice)
  • Watermelon Soju.
  • Mogu Soju (soju + Mogu Mogu drink+Yakult)
  • Does soju give you a hangover?

    Which brings us to Korea’s unofficial national drink, soju. Does this mean you can drink a lot and not get a hangover? No. Soju is full of impurities, stuff that can leave you with a thumping headache and a bit of an upset tummy in the morning.

    Can a bottle of soju get you drunk?

    Soju comes mainly in bottles about the size of American beer bottles: But it is about five or six times as strong in alcohol content. So one bottle is a quiet night, two is a good buzz, three is loaded, and four bottles is comatose for all but the most hardcore alcoholic.

    Can soju make u drunk?

    How many shots of soju does it take to get tipsy?

    A typical 12.7/375ml bottle of Soju contains a little more than eight shots, (1.5 ounces to a shot), and costs about $1.50, so it is a fast and cheap drunk. How many normal drinkers ever need 8 shots to get drunk, especially not in one glass.

    Does soju make you smell?

    Cheap soju can taste and smell like gasoline, especially because of the lax laws surrounding its production; avoid it at all costs or risk swearing off the spirit forever. Another characteristic soju has in common with vodka: People love flavoring it.

    How to drink soju in Korea?

    This is one of the most popular ways to drink soju in Korea! Add some Yakult (or any other form of cultured milk drink such as Vitagen) and sprite to your soju and voila, you’ve produced an easy-to-drink cocktail with 3 very simple ingredients.

    What to drink in Seoul?

    The two most popular alcoholic beverages, Soju and Makgeolli, are considered traditional Korean alcohol and it should be in your checklist of “things to try” when in Seoul. The best part is about these beverages is that they will not burn a hole in your pocket.

    What is a Korean cocktail?

    Imagine yourself in a tiny pub in Seoul with this drink in hand. It’s the ultimate Korean cocktail that brings together two traditional Korean liquors, soju and makgeolli, a milky rice wine with a slightly sweet and tangy taste.

    What are the best soju cocktails to drink in Chicago?

    With a soju cocktail menu designed with Chicago mixologist Alexis Martinez, the current lineup riffs on classics such as the Seoul-jito, the Seoul Reviver No. 4 and the Choi Palmer made with soju and roasted black sesame tea sweetened with honey and fresh lemonade.