Where is mobile station based?

Where is mobile station based?

Penrose, Auckland
A: Yes, we have a showroom at Ground floor, Right hand side, 101B Station Road, Penrose, Auckland. All our products are based on pre-order online, as we have shipment come in every week.

Who owns mobile station NZ?

Future Technology Ltd
Future Technology Ltd becomes the New owner of the Mobile Station, we are NZ Local Company since 2010.

Is mobile station parallel imports?

Some of our products are parallel imports, so you may not be able to send your phone to a local service station for after-service.

What is mobile station in mobile computing?

A mobile station (MS) comprises all user equipment and software needed for communication with a mobile network. The term refers to the global system connected to the mobile network, i.e. a mobile phone or mobile computer connected using a mobile broadband adapter. This is the terminology of 2G systems like GSM.

Why are parallel imports cheaper?

Parallel import cars are cheaper They need stunning showrooms, a huge staff, marketing activities, etc. The cost of those overheads is factored into their car prices.

Is parallel imported NZ legit?

Parallel Imported Goods are Genuine Products Parallel importing has been legal in New Zealand since 1998, where authentic products are imported from other countries without permission from the intellectual property owner.

What is the role of mobile station?

A mobile station (MS) comprises all user equipment and software needed for communication with a mobile network. Mobile termination (MT) – offers common functions such as: radio transmission and handover, speech encoding and decoding, error detection and correction, signalling and access to the SIM.

What is mobile station and base station?

[A mobile phone base station is] a transmission and reception station in a fixed location, consisting of one or more receive/transmit antenna, microwave dish, and electronic circuitry, used to handle cellular traffic.

Is parallel trading illegal?

In the United States, courts have established that parallel importation is legal. In the case of Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., the US Supreme Court held that the first-sale doctrine applies to copies of a copyrighted work lawfully made abroad, thus permitting importation and resale of many product categories.

Are grey imports illegal?

They are legal and genuine, but imported and sold unofficially. Goods such as these are known as “grey” products or parallel imports. According to the International Trademark Association (INTA), these goods are genuine in that they have been manufactured by, or for or under licence from, the brand owner.

Why is parallel imported cheaper?

Our products are sourced from overseas with markets featuring a much greater economy of scale. Some items are sourced from within New Zealand where we have not been able to source from overseas, and even then our prices are competitive due to our buying power. …

What is the problem with parallel imports?

A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Parallel imports are often referred to as grey product and are implicated in issues of international trade, and intellectual property.