What effects does Robin Trower use on Bridge of Sighs?

What effects does Robin Trower use on Bridge of Sighs?

Trower’s use of a Uni-Vibe pedal throughout the song is the facet that most guitarists focus upon, and certainly the song probably wouldn’t have had as much impact as it did without this effect. The Uni-Vibe delivers a wonderfully thick and chewy psychedelic tone that many players have tried and failed to duplicate.

Who sang on Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs?

Robin TrowerBridge of Sighs / ArtistRobin Leonard Trower is an English rock guitarist and vocalist who achieved success with Procol Harum throughout 1967–1971, and then again as the bandleader of his own power trio known as the Robin Trower Band. Wikipedia

How old is Robin Trower now?

76 years (March 9, 1945)Robin Trower / Age

Does Robin Trower tune down?

Robin Trower uses 12’s! In this exclusive video he explains why and how he does this. For the last 20 years Robin has been tuning down a whole step allowing the heavy gauge strings to be bent as easily as light gauges and also adding a thickness to his tone. Take note or you 8’s and 9’s gauge players!

Who played bass Robin Trower?

James Dewar
James Dewar (musician)

James Dewar
Occupation(s) Musician, singer/songwriter, record producer
Instruments Vocals, electric bass, guitar, keyboards
Years active Early 1960s–1987
Associated acts Robin Trower, Stone The Crows, Lulu and The Luvvers

Is James Dewar still alive?

Deceased (1942–2002)James Dewar / Living or Deceased

What key is Bridge of Sighs in?

Bridge of Sighs is written in the key of Em.

What is the Bridge of Sighs in Venice?

Ponte dei Sospiri
The Bridge of Sighs (Italian: Ponte dei Sospiri, Venetian: Ponte de i Sospiri) is a bridge in Venice, Italy. The enclosed bridge is made of white limestone, has windows with stone bars, passes over the Rio di Palazzo, and connects the New Prison (Prigioni Nuove) to the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace.

Where is Robin Trower today?

Robin Trower is currently touring across 4 countries and has 35 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, after that they’ll be at River City Casino & Hotel in St Louis. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

Who is Robin Trower married to?

Andrea TrowerRobin Trower / Spouse (m. 1968–2014)