What is Beacon and sounder?

What is Beacon and sounder?

Forming an essential part of an addressable fire alarm system, sounders and beacons provide audible and visual warning in the event of an emergency. Our sounder and beacon range include those that have an IP65 rating, making them weatherproof for open area environments.

What is a sounder beacon base?

The addressable sounder beacon base provides options to detect a threat and alert building occupants in a single device. For notification only, it can act as a discreet, standalone fire alarm sounder beacon by using a cover plate instead of a detector. …

What is beacon in fire alarm system?

A fire alarm sounder and fire alarm beacon can be an essential part of an addressable fire alarm system on your work premises. Fire alarm sounders and beacons provide an audible and visual warning in the event of a fire, ensuring that everyone on the premises is alerted to the potential danger.

What is alarm sounder?

Alarm Sounders, also known as sounder beacons & Alarm Strobes, are key components in any commercial or residential security or fire alarm system. Alarm sounders can be used in a variety of applications such as burglary deterrent, alerting employees of hazards such as fires or other dangers in the workplace.

What is the use of sounder?

Designed for use as part of a two wire or four wire fire alarm system, conventional sounders and beacons provide audible and/or visual indication when the fire alarm system has been activated.

What is a sounder strobe?

The Intelligent Wall Mount Sounder Strobe is a high-quality 32 tone, loop powered device designed to alert building occupants of an emergency with both audible and visible notification.

How do you address Apollo sounder base?

The address of the sounder is set using seven segments of the eight-segment DIL switch. The eighth seg ment is used to adjust the volume output. Segments 1-7 of the switch are set to “0” (ON) or “1”, using a small screwdriver or similar tool.

What is a fire alarm sounder base?

The sounder base is capable of producing either the distinctive three-pulse temporal pattern (ANSI Temporal 3) fire alarm signal now required by NFPA 72 for commercial and residential applications or a continuous tone by simply removing the included jumper from the device.

What is a wall sounder?

The Axis Wall mounted sounder is a loop powered addressable device designed around a fully digital protocol. The device has a low current consumption and compact design which gives a wide-angle uniform sound distribution providing good audibility in all directions.