Is the Cooler Master key the Windows logo key?

Is the Cooler Master key the Windows logo key?

Cooler Master did not even place their logo on the keyboard’s body, but rather replaced the common Windows key logos with theirs. The rest of the keyboard’s advanced functions and programming are all provided via keystroke combinations, generally by holding the Fn key and then pressing another key.

Is Cooler Master keyboard good?

The Cooler Master MK730 is decent for office use. It’s available in three different types of Cherry MX switches, so you can get the ones you feel comfortable with and won’t be too loud either. The keyboard has a wrist rest that’s a bit small, so you may have to place it away from the keyboard to use it comfortably.

What is Cherry MX white?

Cherry MX White is a medium-stiff, tactile, soft-click mechanical keyboard switch in the Cherry MX family. The original non-pigmented version was also called “Vintage Type A” White.

What is the CM Storm quickfire rapid by Cooler Master?

Gamers are now able to have an all-encompassing CM Storm experience in a smaller footprint. The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid by Cooler Master is a high-grade mechanical keyboard that employs the best selection of Cherry MX switches available.

Is the Cooler Master quick fire stealth worth it?

The Cooler Master Quick Fire Stealth is really an interesting effort at thinking outside the box. Most gamers don’t have much use for the typical 10 key setup and the added space savings makes it easier to pack along for your LAN adventures.

Is the CM Storm quickfire stealth a good keyboard?

The CM Storm QuickFire Stealth is by no means a bad keyboard, but at the current price of $99.99, there are definitely better options considering the QuickFire TK is around the same price.

What is the Quickfire XT?

CM Storm is proud to introduce the QuickFire XT, a full 104 key sibling to the top-rated QuickFire Rapid.