What happened to Daniel KYRE?

What happened to Daniel KYRE?

Daniel was found in his room on September 16th, 2015, near death due to an apparent suicide attempt. He passed away on September 18th, due to irreversible brain damage, leading to the closing of Cyndago, and the devastation and hiatus of Mark.

Did Ryan Magee find Daniel?

Daniel had been found in critical condition in his room after a suicide attempt in the house he shared with Fischbach and his Cyndago buddies from South Carolina, Ryan Magee and Matt Watson.

What happened to Ryan from Cyndago?

He was one of the major hosts on the channel Cyndago, working with Daniel, Mark, and Matt Watson on multiple projects. Following Daniel’s passing, Cyndago uploaded a video announcing the dissolution of Cyndago, but that Ryan and Matt would continue to work with Mark, with Matt becoming Mark’s editor.

Is Cyndago a SuperMega?

Cyndago was best known for their collaborations with Markiplier and their often humorous music. Cyndago disbanded in October 2015 after the suicide of Kyre, one of the co-founders. After the end/hiatus of KWP, Ryan and Matt have since created a variety duo and channel called SuperMega.

What happened to Hannah Stone?

On November 1, 2017, Hannah Stone commited suicide at only 16 years old, 12 days before her birthday. However, the cause of death is still unknown, but her parents confirmed that it might be a suicide. Her parents has also removed her from a ventilator at a Syracuse hospital and donated her organs.

Did Matt and Ryan get fired?

The Chicago Bears have fired both head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace, the team announced, which marks the beginning of a new era in Chicago. Nagy finished his Bears career with a 34-33 record, including both of Chicago’s playoff losses.

Where is Amy Nelson from?

Early life and education. Amy Nelson was born in 1980 and grew up in Ohio.

Where is Matt Watson SuperMega from?

Charleston, South Carolina
Matt Watson was born in Charleston, South Carolina to Ann Watson, a schoolteacher, and Dale Watson, an architectural illustrator.

Who is SuperMega owned by?

SuperMega is the YouTube channel of Ryan Magee and Matt Watson where the two play video games, perform skits, and make vlogs. It’s also where the two post their weekly podcast, the SuperMegaCast.

Did Markipliers parents get a divorce?

In the same “Draw My Life” video, Markiplier shared that his parents divorced when he was pretty young, and it impacted quite a few things for the creator. The YouTuber mentioned that his mother wasn’t happy, which he and his brother didn’t understand.