Is SM57 good for snare?

Is SM57 good for snare?

When it comes to micing a snare drum, the SM57 has pretty much dominated for the best part of 50 years. The SM57 adds just the right amount of low-end weight, while also adding presence and ‘crack’ to the drum. For this reason, the 57 is a go-to mic and has featured on countless records throughout music’s history.

What mic is best for snare drum?

The 5 Best Snare Drum Mics

  • Neumann KM 184. The Neumann KM 184 has a high sound pressure level, allowing it to capture loud snare drums with ease.
  • Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Hypercardioid Dynamic.
  • Sennheiser MD 421-II Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.
  • Telefunken M80.
  • Shure SM57.

What are SM57 good for?

It has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern which isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise. In the studio, it is excellent for recording drums, guitar, and woodwinds. For musical instruments or vocals, the SM57 is a consistent choice of professional performers.

Which type of these mics is most commonly used on snare drum because of its loud sound pressure level?

Cartridge Type: Dynamic mics are usually recommended for kick drums and snares because they can handle the high sound pressure levels, but condenser microphones can deliver more snap. You just have to make sure to choose a condenser that can withstand the high SPLs.

What is a good Tom mic?

The 7 Best Tom Mics (2022)

  1. Audix D2 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone.
  2. Audix D4 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone.
  3. Sennheiser E604 Cardioid Dynamic.
  4. AKG C414 XLII Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone.
  5. Sennheiser MD 421-II Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.
  6. Audio-Technica ATM230 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone.
  7. Shure SM 57.

Can you mic a kick drum with an SM58?

Re: Kick Drum Mic – SM57 or SM58? First, yes all mics can have proximity effect, but that’s when it is placed VERY close to the sound source.

Why is SM57 so popular?

The longstanding popularity of the Shure SM57 can largely be attributed to several factors. As we’ve outlined, its versatility means it’ll deliver great results in a huge variety of situations. Its build quality is peerless; they simply do not break, or have ‘off days’, or tremble under the weight of huge volume.