How old is suzume in the darkest minds?

How old is suzume in the darkest minds?


  • Age. 12-13 (Original Trilogy) 17(The Darkest Legacy)
  • Nicknames. Zu. Dorothy. Sparky. ZuZu (by Vida) Z (by Vida)
  • Psi Ability. Yellow.
  • Status. Alive.

Will there be a 5th darkest minds book?

Will there be another book in the Darkest Minds series after The Darkest Legacy? As of right now, no—but I love the characters and hope to come back to the world if the right idea comes to me.

Do Liam and Ruby end up together in afterlight?

In the Afterlight After the destruction of the LA HQ, Liam follows Ruby together with the remnants of the Children’s League to an older league facility in northern California known as The Ranch. On their way to The Ranch, he is reunited with Zu.

Why does zu wear gloves in the darkest minds?

Abilities. Zu is a Yellow, meaning she can control electricity with her mind. She used to have to wear yellow rubber gloves on her hands in order for her not to lose control, but at East River she learnt how to use her abilities without the gloves.

What is chubs power in the darkest minds?

Chubs seems to have an immunity to Orange powers since Clancy Gray’s influence does not seem to affect him. Ruby never tries to influence or read Chub’s thoughts, but she once accidentally slips into his mind as she does with many others, when he is shot and she sees a glimpse of his memories.

Are there any Reds in the darkest minds?

Red is the color classification for the strongest and most aggressive of all those who developed pyrokinetic powers as a result of IAAN, as well as the individuals we know least about. Reds were the only ones who all received some sort of physical side effect as a result of their powers. …

Is Alexandra Bracken writing a new book?

Alexandra Bracken Updates (@alexbracken) / Twitter. #1 New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author. LORE is coming January 5, 2021 and the Brightly Woven graphic novel hits shelves February 2, 2021!

What order should I read darkest minds?

The Darkest Minds series is comprised of three novels and a collection of three novellas found in Through the Dark. My recommended reading order is: The Darkest Minds, In Time (novella), Never Fade, Sparks Rise (novella), In the Afterlight, and, finally, Beyond the Night (novella).

Is chubs green or blue?

Power. There is a lot of confusion as to what color Chubs is in the books. The answer is Blue. Throughout the entire book series, he is Blue, like Liam.

How old is Cole in the darkest minds?

Cole Stewart

  • Age.
  • Nicknames. Prisoner 27. The Red.
  • Psi Ability. Red.
  • Status. Deceased.

What does PSI mean in the darkest minds?

The symbol on TDM’s cover is the greek letter Psi. It’s used to represent the study of parapsychology and Psionics, which is an umbrella term used to describe alleged/unexplained psychic abilities such as telekinesis and telepathy.

Is Chubs blue or green?

One of the more significant changes in the book to film adaptation is that Chubs’ power was changed. In the books, Chubs is a Blue, like Liam. But in the film, Chubs is a Green. Author Alexandra Bracken pointed to that change as one that she was not thrilled with initially.

What is the genre of the Darkest Minds (2012)?

American author Alexandra Bracken’s young adult novel The Darkest Minds (2012) is focused on Ruby, a teenage girl whose life changed when,at ten years old, her parents locked her in the garage and called the police.

What is the Order of the Darkest Minds series?

The first installment in The Darkest Minds series, The Darkest Minds is followed by Never Fade, In the Afterlight, and Through the Dark, released in 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively.

What kind of personality does Suzume have?

Suzume appears to be very compassionate and caring when it comes to others. She is also mute for a majority of the series though this does not stop her from expressing an exuberant personality through gestures and facial expressions. As a Yellow, Zu is able to control and manipulate any electrical current.

Does the Darkest Minds deliver on its promise?

Monica Castillo of wrote that while the film has a “promising start”, it “ultimately doesn’t quite deliver.” The Darkest Minds is based on the first of four novels, three novellas and three short stories in The Darkest Minds series, and the film’s ending sets the stage for future action.