How old is Rachel Burden?

How old is Rachel Burden?

47 years (January 22, 1975)
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Who is Rachel Burden married to?

Luke Mendhamm. 2004
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Personal life. Burden is married to journalist Luke Mendham and has four children. The family live in the countryside near Knutsford, Cheshire.

Who were the first breakfast TV presenters?

Presenters Frank Bough and Selina Scott combined news and sport with astrology from Russell Grant, keep fit segments from the Green Goddess Diana Moran, and cookery from Michael Smith and Glynn Christian.

How old is Sharn Williams?

57 years (November 28, 1964)
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Why does Rachel Burden wear trainers?

BBC Breakfast presenter Rachel Burden was forced to reveal she’s broken her ankle after taking some slack from viewers for wearing a pair of “dirty” trainers on air. The injured host came clean about her injury and insisted her choice of footwear was to help alleviate the swelling and pain.

Who replaces Louise Minchin?

Sally Nugent
Sally Nugent is to replace Louise Minchin as co-host of BBC Breakfast, the corporation has announced. She will sit beside Dan Walker from Monday to Wednesday, after filling in for Minchin following her departure in mid-September.

Who is Nicky Campbells wife?

Christina Ritchiem. 1997
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Who are BBC Breakfast presenters?

Louise Minchin
Naga MunchettyCharlie StaytDan Walker
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Who are today’s BBC Breakfast presenters?

Breakfast Breakfast Presenters

  • Dan Walker. View Dan Walker.
  • Sally Nugent. View Sally Nugent.
  • Charlie Stayt. View Charlie Stayt.
  • Naga Munchetty. View Naga Munchetty.
  • Carol Kirkwood. View Carol Kirkwood.
  • Nina Warhurst. View Nina Warhurst.
  • Jon Kay. View Jon Kay.
  • Mike Bushell. View Mike Bushell.

Is Sian Williams still married?

Following the couple’s divorce, Williams married Paul Woolwich in 2006 and gave birth to her third son in October 2006, later disclosing in an interview that she received two litres of blood following complications. Williams gave birth to a daughter in March 2009.

Who are the 5 presenters of BBC Breakfast?

List of BBC Breakfast presenters. 1 1. Louise Minchin. Image:, @BBCbreakfast Source: UGC. Louise Mary Minchin is a female presenter on BBC Breakfast. She presents BBC 2 2. Naga Munchetty. 3 3. Dan Walker. 4 4. Mike Bushell. 5 5. Sally Nugent.

What is bbcbbc breakfast?

BBC Breakfast is a British Breakfast television programme on BBC One and BBC News channels. The simulcast is presented live, originally from the BBC Television Centre before moving to MediaCityUK in 2012.

Which is the most watched Breakfast News Channel on TV?

All major television broadcasters are including at least one news channel to their bouquet. The BBC Breakfast show is one of the most-watched breakfast news programmes. Thanks to the BBC Breakfast presenters, it is the most viewed breakfast show in the world.

Who was the first host of BBC Breakfast?

BBC Breakfast history On 2 October 2000, the merging of separate breakfast programmes, BBC One and BBC News 24, into one single simulcast called Breakfast started, with the first show hosted by Sophie Raworth and Jeremy Bowen. The studio was replaced with a new set in 2003.