How many vacancies are there in RRB JE 2021?

How many vacancies are there in RRB JE 2021?

The number of vacancies are expected to be more than 15,000. Given below are details of the expected vacancies for the RRB JE 2022 examination….RRB JE Vacancy 2022.

Post Name Vacancies Available (tentative)
Junior Engineer 14,950
Junior Engineer (IT) 25
Depot Materials Superintendent (DMS) 220

Will RRB JE exam be in 2022?

RRB JE 2022 exam (CBT 1) online based test will be conducted from May 22, 2022 to June 2, 2022. The announcement of RRB JE result for CBT 1 will be released through online mode in August 2022. RRB JE admit card 2022 for CBT 2 exam will be released in September 2022 and the result to be announced on November 1, 2022.

How many vacancies are there in RRB je?

13,487 vacancies
RRB JE 2019 Recruitment is specially for the candidates who are having the engineering qualification either in Degree or Diploma from any recognised unversity. RRB has introduced 13,487 vacancies for Railway JE Recruitment 2018-19 Exam….RRB JE 2019 Vacancies: 13,487.

Post Old Vacancy Updated Vacancy
Total 14033 13487

When RRB JE will come?

RRB JE Exam – 2019 Dates
Notification 29th December 2018
Exam Dates (CBT- I) May 22nd 2019
Exam Dates ( CBT – II) August 28th 2019
RRB JE Result ( CBT – II) November 1st, 2019

Who can apply for RRB JE 2021?

RRB JE Eligibility Nationality / Citizenship: Candidates must be nationals of India, Nepal, Bhutan. Age: Candidates must be between the age group of 18 years to 30 years. Education: Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a recognized university.

Is RRB JE notification released?

RRB JE Exam 2021- The Railway Board releases the notification for RRB JE Exam recruitment. The RRB Junior Engineer 2021 notification is yet to be released by the board….

RRB JE Exam – 2019 Dates
Notification 29th December 2018
Last date of application 31st January 2019
Exam Dates (CBT- I) May 22nd 2019

What is the salary of RRB JE?

The RRB JE basic pay is Rs. 35,400/- per month….RRB JE Salary After 7th Pay Commission.

RRB JE Posts RRB JE Salary
Pay Scale Band(Current Salary) INR 29300 – 34800
Grade Pay(Current Salary) INR 4,200
Pay Band(VI CPC) INR 29300 – 34800
Grade Pay(VI CPC) INR 4,800

Is RRB JE a good job?

Great paycheck: One of the best things about the post of RRB JE is that the employee enjoys several allowances apart from their basic pay. The grade pay, house rent allowance, dearness allowance etc. are some of the extra allowances received by a junior engineer except from their basic pay.

Is Railway Je a good job?

Is Je a good job?

Question: Is SSC JE a good job? Answer: Yes, it is one of the best jobs. It is a central government job and the perks, allowances along with the salary are also very satisfying.

How many vacancies are there in RRB Je 2019?

The RRB JE notification 2019 was released for the recruitment to the post of 13847 vacancies. The details on RRB JE 2019 vacancy has been announced in the official notice released by the Railway Recruitment Board for RRB JE 2019 exam. The following table gives a glance of vacancies for technical posts in the Indian Railways:

What is the railway junior engineer recruitment 2021 notification?

The Railway Junior Engineer Recruitment 2021 notification will announce the vacancies and other details of the examination. In the meanwhile, aspirants can check the vacancy and relevant details of the last recruitment of JE exam for reference. The RRB JE notification 2019 was released for the recruitment to the post of 13847 vacancies.

Where can I apply for Indian railway jobs 2022?

Classified under the central jobs, Indian Railway Jobs 2022 are among the best to apply for. Chekrs comes up as one stop where you can easily browse all Indian Railway Opportunities.

When RRB Je recruitment 2022 notification will be released?

RRB JE 2022: Notification, Apply Online, Exam Date – Railway Recruitment Board, RRB JE recruitment 2022 notification is expected to be released on January 2, 2022 for 13000 junior engineer vacancies.