What is a musette waltz?

What is a musette waltz?

Bal-musette is a style of French instrumental music and dance that first became popular in Paris in the 1880s. Although it began with bagpipes as the main instrument, this instrument was replaced with accordion, on which a variety of waltzes, polkas, and other dance styles were played for dances.

What does bal musette mean in French?

: a French dance hall with an accordion band.

What does Musette mean in music?

noun. a type of bagpipe with a bellows popular in France during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Why does the accordion sound French?

The inspiration came from a revival in French folklore, typically from Brittany. Yann Tiersen used the accordion most famously for the soundtrack of Amélie Poulain, contributing to a cliché of France mixing both ancient and modern.

What is a musette bag ww2?

WWII Musette Bag (Canvas, Field, M1936). An alternative pack for many soldiers who would be otherwise be using the M-1928 Haversack. Used widely in all theaters of World War II. rear flap pocket with button closure. left side cargo pocket with button closure.

What form is Musette?

It has a simple A-A-B-B musical form. The term musette refers to a musical instrument of the bagpipe family.

What makes French music sound French?

The sound of French music is greatly influenced by what became know as musette. The musette, also known as the cabrette, was a small goatskin bagpipe, one of the most popular instruments in the 19th century in the Auvergne, the great expanse of hills and meadows at the heart of the French Massif Central.

What is inside a musette bag?

But generically, the little bags (traditionally called “musettes” by the French and “bonk bags” by the Brits) contain food and fluids in the form of an energy bar or two, a couple of gel packs and a bottle of sports drink. Early in a long race or in cooler weather, riders used to eat small sandwiches called panini.

What is a musette bag used for?

To carry extra gear and ammunition. The Musette Bag was used by the American Military to carry extra gear.

What goes in a musette bag?

Broadly, a musette is considered to be a small bag used for carrying food or personal belongings while hiking, traveling, cycling etc. In the world of professional bike racing, this bag contains food and water and is given to cyclists in a feed zone during a race.