How many GPH is Intex sf70110?

How many GPH is Intex sf70110?

1,500 GPH
Intex 25003 1,500 GPH and Below Filter Pump Replacement Seals 10 Piece Pack.

How many HP is a Intex pool pump?

Pump motor: 0.6 HP.

What kind of sand do I need for my Intex pool filter?

silica sand
The recommended type is No. 20 grade silica sand, with specification of 0.45 to 0.85mm (0.018 to 0.033 inches) with a Uniformity Coefficient less than 1.75. Too fine of a grade of sand will clog too quickly, and too soft of a sand will break up and also cause clogging.

How many HP is Intex sand filter pump?

Intex sand filter pumps come in two sizes. The smaller 1,600 gph model uses a 0.5 horsepower motor and a 14″ tank which holds about 55 pounds of sand. The 2,650 gph models uses a 0.95 horsepower motor and a 16″ tank which holds about 100 pounds of sand.

Is HTH pool Sand good?

HTH offers a #20 standard silica sand at a grade of 0.45 millimeters. It’s a very basic pool filter sand, though its priced higher than many of the similar competitors. While it is thoroughly washed, it doesn’t offer the same 100% natural and chemical-free standard to match our top two picks.

What HP is a 1500 gph pump?

2.5 HP 1500 GPH Pool Filter Pump with Timer and Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit.

Do I still need chlorine with a sand filter?

While sand filters can efficiently remove debris from the swimming pool, they can’t sanitize the water. Whether you have a sand, DE, or cartridge filter, you’ll need something to sanitize it. Swimming pool salt systems turn the salt into chlorine, which means you have to use some form of chlorine with any sand filter.

How many bags of sand do you need for a pool filter?

How Much Sand Does My Pool Filter Need?

Filter Model / Size Pounds Required (Sand) Filtra Balls Required (Boxes)
16 Inch 100 Lbs 2 Boxes
19 Inch 150 Lbs 3 Boxes
21 Inch 200 Lbs 4 Boxes
23 Inch 250 Lbs 5 Boxes

How much sand do I need for a 12 inch Intex sand filter?

Tank size: 12in (305mm) Sand capacity: 50lb (23kg) #20 Silica.

What do you do with old pool sand?

Because of the contaminants it contains, pool sand should never be left in a pile in the yard. If you can’t find a use for it around the house and you don’t want to truck it to a disposal site, the best way to deal with it is to dig a hole in the yard or garden and bury it.

Is HTH pool filter sand #20 grade?

Also HTH 67074 Pool Filter Sand is #20 grade. It ranges in stores from $5.00 and up for 50lbs.