What happened Stan Getz?

What happened Stan Getz?

Stan Getz, one of jazz’s best known figures and most explosively imaginative tenor saxophonists, died yesterday afternoon at his home in Malibu, Calif. He was 64 years old. The cause of death was liver cancer, said his secretary, Maggie Crim, who was at the house.

Did Stan Getz know theory?

Best known for his relaxed, melodic improvisations, Stan Getz was one of the most celebrated jazz musicians of his time. Getz practiced tenor sax and bassoon as a child, although he had only six months of lessons and never studied music theory or harmony.

Where was Stan Getz from?

Philadelphia, PA
Stan Getz/Place of birth
Stan Getz, byname of Stanley Getz, (born Feb. 2, 1927, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.—died June 6, 1991, Malibu, Calif.), American jazz tenor saxophonist, perhaps the best-known musician of jazz’s “cool school,” noted for his mellow, lush tone.

Did Stan Getz do drugs?

A heroin addict since he was 18, Getz hit bottom in 1954, when he was arrested in a bumbling effort to hold up a Seattle pharmacy. Hours later, he was found unconscious in his cell. His condition was diagnosed as acute heroin intoxication. He noted that many musicians had been addicted to heroin during that period.

Who wrote girl from Ipanema?

Vinicius de Moraes
Norman Gimbel
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Who coined the term Third Stream?

A timely tribute to Gunther Schuller, the composer who originally coined the genre term “Third Stream” in 1957 to describe the melding of jazz and classical genres.

When was Stan Getz born?

February 2, 1927
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What is Stan Getz real name?

Stanley Gayetzski
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What did Stan Getz die of?

Getz died of liver cancer on June 6, 1991. His ashes were poured from his saxophone case six miles off the coast of Marina del Rey, California. In 1998, the Stan Getz Media Center and Library at Berklee College of Music was dedicated through a donation from the Herb Alpert Foundation.

Where was Stan Getz born and raised?

Stan Getz was born on February 2, 1927, at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Getz’s father Al was born in Mile End, London, in 1904, while his mother Goldie (née Yampolsky) was born in Philadelphia in 1907.

Why is Stan Getz called the sound?

Stanley Getz (February 2, 1927 – June 6, 1991) was an American jazz saxophonist, professionally known as Stan Getz. Playing primarily the tenor saxophone, Getz was known as “The Sound” because of his warm, lyrical tone, with his prime influence being the wispy, mellow timbre of his idol, Lester Young.

When was Stan Getz published in New York Times?

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