How can you tell a fake Antigona Givenchy?

How can you tell a fake Antigona Givenchy?

The authentic bag’s logo is not placed in the middle, rather more towards the top. Also make sure the point of the triangle is exactly in the center of the handles and that it’s puffy, not flat. Handles on authentic mini antigona bags should not flop over or be unstructured, they should stand straight up on their own.

How can I tell if my Givenchy bag is real?

Basically, Givenchy handbags consist of a 6-character serial number that follows a specific format. The first two characters mark where the bag was produced. The third and fourth digits represent the week the bag was made, and the last two digits represent the year.

Does the Givenchy Antigona lose shape?

Despite its compact appearance, the Antigona actually holds a lot of stuff. Over the years, I’ve learned it can carry objects like a water bottle, an umbrella, a book, workout clothes, or even a change of sneakers (a necessity during New York Fashion Week) without so much as ever losing its structured shape.

When did the Givenchy Antigona come out?

In fact, the Antigona was released in 2010 as a modern interpretation of Givenchy’s Boston bag. It takes its name from Antigone, a powerful female figure in Greek mythology, whose own name translates as “unbending”.

Does Givenchy ever go on sale?

Luckily, the Givenchy Antigona is one of those bags that although it’s considered a classic in most retailers inventories, it is often included in gift card events at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and very occasionally sale events like the SSENSE sale that happens a couple of times per year.

Is Givenchy Antigona heavy?

Is Givenchy Antigona Heavy? As the size of your Antigona bag increases, so does the weight! Expect Medium and Large Antigona to be pretty heavy even when they are empty (1.45 kg). Mini Antigona weighs about 630 g, and Small Antigona weighs 990 g.

How to spot a fake Givenchy Antigona bag?

The Givenchy bag authentication service The quickest way to spot fake Givenchy Antigona bags is to check the “GIVENCHY MADE IN ITALY” printing on the interior tab. Most of the time, this text is flawed in terms of printing quality on the replica Givenchy Antigona bags.

What is Givenchy Antigona made of?

Givenchy Antigona Materials & Construction “Givenchy uses various leathers from polished cowhide to goat, but it should always be sturdy and structured, which keeps the bag from losing its shape,” says Wetzbarger. “While rigid, it should still have a smooth, luxurious hand, and appear supple rather than plasticy.

Is your Antigona real or fake?

As is often the case with highly sought-after handbags, fake versions abound, so it’s important to know the signs of an authentic Antigona. Here, Wetzbarger breaks down the telltale signs of the real thing. 1. Givenchy Antigona Materials & Construction

Who makes the zipper on the Givenchy Antigona?

Givenchy Antigona Hardware Handbag aficionados will be familiar with zipper brands such as Riri and Lampo, however the Givenchy Antigona features an oversized zipper made by Raccagni. “Within roughly the past year however, Givenchy has begun using zippers branded with their own logo,” Wetzbarger explains.