Who is the strongest Sentry?

Who is the strongest Sentry?

The Sentry That is Combined with The Void and Robert Reynolds, AKA The All New Sentry..

  • He Easily Stomped All Of The Avengers, And Threw Thor and Captain Marvel Around the City. He is The Strongest Version Of Sentry Yet.
  • He is Fully Stable & In Control.
  • So Yeah, Sentry’s Most Powerful Version is The All New Sentry.
  • Is Sentry the strongest hero?

    The Sentry possesses vast superhuman strength, granting him the ability to lift (press) far in excess of 100 tons easily. He is one of the strongest beings in the Universe.

    Is Sentry the most powerful superhero in Marvel?

    The heroic version of Sentry is Marvel’s strongest hero, as he has the powers of a million exploding suns after ingesting an experimental Super-Soldier Serum. He’s essentially Marvel’s take on Superman, but he might be even stronger than the Man of Steel.

    Who can beat Sentry?

    Although sentry without Void can be defeated by World Breaker Hulk, Godforce Thor, Blue Marvel and Adam Warlock. If you talk about superheros with cosmic powers or reality altering powers, many can defeat sentry even with void unleashed.

    Can Superman beat Sentry?

    Originally Answered: Will Superman stand a chance in a fight against The Sentry? Sentry would demolish Superman. Sentry is equal in power (maybe even more powerful) than Martian Manhunter, which for those who don’t know can defeat Superman. In Marvel Sentry has been confirmed to be the strongest superhuman.

    Who’s stronger Sentry or Hyperion?

    With this easily exploitable weakness, it is likely that in a clash between these two titans, Hyperion would emerge the victor over the Sentry, most likely in typical, bloody fashion.

    Can Batman beat Sentry?

    In a real fight where Sentry knows he is fighting Batman, Batman dies before he can get the projector working, there is no real way to even kill Sentry, he is immortal who even came back after being killed as a baby. , Reads lots of comics, especially Batman.

    Is Sentry a God?

    The Sentry is the most powerful member of the Avengers and showed his true power when ripped a literal God in half with his bare hands. In order to stop the Void from taking over Reynolds and becoming a nearly unstoppable supervillain, the Sentry wiped his own and the entire world’s memories of him.

    Has Hyperion fought Sentry?

    They haven’t fought but if they did, Sentry would absolutely demolish Hyperion.

    Who is stronger Sentry or Blue Marvel?

    Blue Marvel knocked him into orbit and beat anti-man, someone who sentry said was extremely powerful. Namor stated Blue Marvel was about as strong as Hulk and Thor, two people who have beaten Sentry. But Sentry has better overall feats.

    What are some of sentry’s most op moments?

    Many of Sentry’s most OP moments transcend feats of mere superheroes and enter into a godly territory. There’s no better example of Sentry’s godly and mysterious level of power than when he resurrects his wife, Lindy. Sentry discovers Lindy’s limp body in the Watchtower, her life having been taken by Ultron.

    Who is the writer of the Sentry?

    On March 6, 2018, it was announced that the character would be given an ongoing series written by Jeff Lemire and with art by Joshua Cassara and Kim Jacinto. The series ended after five issues. Cover art to The Sentry #2 by Jae Lee (line art) and Jose Villarrubia (painted colors).

    Is sentry trustworthy in the comics?

    Wasp states that Sentry is trustworthy as he now views himself as the cosmic protector of humanity. It is revealed that Doctor Strange cured Robert from his condition and put the Void into a chamber of his Sanctum Sanctorum.

    What is the Sentry version of sentry?

    This version of Sentry is mostly identical to the mainstream counterpart, becoming a hero and battling villains alongside Scout, Watchdog and the Sentress and falling in love with Lindy Lee.