Is the Slap Chop legit?

Is the Slap Chop legit?

DO NOT BUY. This thing is worthless. You can’t even chop a small onion (like it shows in the commercials). I tried and the whole thing got crammed in there, so I cut the SMALL onion up into four tiny pieces and most of it stuck to the blades.

Can Slap Chop go in dishwasher?

The Slap Chop is easily opened for thorough cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Dishwasher Safe: Removable base and cup container and easy access to the inside blades make the Slap Chop easy to clean!

Does Slap Chop really work Reddit?

Slap chop are just useless junk. I was given one ages ago and found it useless for basically everything. Zero control over what you’re doing, and a pita to clean. There’s a reason a chef knife and cutting board are the standard tools.

Who invented the Slap Chop?

Vince Offer

Vince Offer
Born Offer Shlomi April 25, 1964 Beersheba, Israel
Other names Vince Shlomi, ShamWow Guy
Occupation Salesman, screenwriter, film director, film producer, comedian, editor
Years active 1996–present

How did the Slap Chop guy died?

After an initial autopsy on June 29, 2009, Vernard Adams, the Hillsborough County, Florida medical examiner, stated that Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease and that heart disease was the likely cause of his death.

How many slap chops have been sold?

Shlomi claims they sold 1 million (again, sounds high!).

What is Vince Offer doing now?

Now, after a career built on remaking other’s products, Vince Offer is remaking himself. He says he’s cut back to an occasional glass of wine. He and his girlfriend of two years recently returned from a three-week trip to Switzerland — the first break he’s taken in months.

What is Slap Chop™?

Slap Chop™ is a manual chopper machine that chops food when you slap the plunger. You can slap once or twice for large cuts or several times for finer cuts. You don’t have to switch any blades.

How many times do you use slapchop?

Slap a couple times for a chopped salad. Slap even more for finely chopped toppings. Order SlapChop Now! My kitchen won’t be without one! This is my 3rd Slap Chop. I bought the first over 15 yrs ago when they were only sold at demonstrations at the mall. That one lasted until just a couple months ago and it was heavily used all those years.

How can I save money with the Amazon Slap Chop?

Create your FREE Amazon Business account to save up to 10% with Business-only prices and free shipping. The Slap Chop makes meal prep much faster by chopping your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds! By simply slapping the plunger downward, you can chop and dice foods as fine as you need for all your kitchen creations.

What can I put in the Slap Chop?

The Slap Chop is excellent for chopping: 1 Hard boiled eggs and Tuna Salads 2 Hot peppers –save your hands! 3 Delicious Salsas, Onions & Celery & Garlic 4 Tomatoes & Squash 5 Mangos, Strawberries, and Fruits Salads! 6 Cookies, Nuts, and other Ice Cream Toppings 7 Pizza toppings like Pepperoni 8 Stews, Soups, Potatoes & Carrots More