Is benro a good tripod brand?

Is benro a good tripod brand?

Benro is one of the brands in the MAC Group, alongside Mefoto and Tenba. I was so impressed with the Mefoto Globetrotter as my lightweight (3.70 lbs), compact and sturdy solution it has been my top recommendation for the majority of my clients for the last two-three years.

Where are Benro tripods manufactured?

1998.8. BENRO cooperated with Japan company to manufacture camera tripod (OEM).

Which is better Benro or Manfrotto?

If you’re only looking for a tripod head, Manfrotto is lighter than Benro. However, if you love using a whole setup, Benro is more lightweight, although Manfrotto’s extra weight allows it to better support heavier cameras and lenses. As for the max payload, these two can support the average camera setup of 17 pounds.

Where is Benro based?

BENRO PRECISION MACHINERY (ZHONGSHAN) CO, LTD. is located in South Guangdong province, a light industrial zone near Zhuhai city, which is about 12 km away from Macao, and one hour away from Hong Kong.

Is Induro and benro the same?

Benro Tripods Like the Gitzo/Manfrotto connection, Benro and Induro are both owned by the same company: the Mac Group. From looking at their products, it is obvious that they specialize in Gitzo knock-offs.

Will a Manfrotto head fit a Benro tripod?

Yes, many tripods have the option, and try to always make sure your main use tripod can accept different heads. I prefer to purchase my head and legs separately. I use my Benro head on a Manfrotto monopod, and a Benro video head on a Manfrotto tripod.