Is ECPI a real university?

Is ECPI a real university?

ECPI University is a proprietary institution that was founded in 1966. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 13,983 (fall 2020), and the setting is Urban. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. ECPI University’s ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities South, #104-#137.

How much is tuition at ECPI?

16,639 USD (2019 – 20)
ECPI University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

Is ECPI respected?

ECPI University has a better reputation than most for-profits. That might be partly because the institution wants to offer quality programs that meet the needs of regional employers. ECPI President Mark Dreyfus says that he wouldn’t run the institution any differently as a not-for-profit.

Does ECPI have dorms?

ECPI University does not provide traditional, on-campus student housing (i.e. campus-operated dormitories). However, the University recognizes that many international students will need assistance in finding appropriate student housing.

Is ECPI legitimate?

ECPI is not a scam. It is legit! I have tutored a few students from ECPI and I can safely say based on their reviews that it is a genuine university. One particular course which is very good is “Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science with a Major in Cyber and Information Security Technology”.

Does ECPI offer scholarships?

ECPI University awards in excess of $14 million in scholarships each year. These are funds to help you pay for your education that you do not have to pay back and reward you for your commitment to earn your degree. Applicants must meet the ECPI University entrance requirements.

Does ECPI have a payment plan?

After that, they can help you set you up a manageable payment plan. This allows you to reduce the amount of money you have to repay after graduation. Other students receive tuition reimbursement through their employers. Students at ECPI University vary in age.

Can ECPI credits transfer?

We have an experienced evaluation team who will review your transcripts and ensure you are getting the most transfer credit possible. Our simple transfer process rewards the hard work you’ve already done, by letting you transfer up to 75% of the credits required for your diploma or degree.

Does ECPI have student housing?