What type of coolant is Rotella ELC?

What type of coolant is Rotella ELC?

ethylene glycol based
Shell ROTELLA® ELC Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol based coolant for heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas power engines. Shell Rotella ELC contains a unique extended life carboxylate inhibitor system and nitrite / molybdate as secondary inhibitors.

What color is Rotella ELC coolant?

Shell Rotella® ELC NF AFC is colored red to match many ELCs in the market today and based on the proven Shell Rotella® ELC AFC technology. Shell Rotella® ELC AFC – A premium, nitrited ELC in service as factory fill and service fill for over 15 years in a wide variety of engines and equipment.

Can you mix ELC coolants?

While Cat ELC is compatible with conven- tional antifreeze/coolants, we recommend you do not mix the two. Cat ELC is ethylene-glycol based for anti-boil and freeze protection, but its corrosion chemical system is different than that of conventional antifreeze/coolants.

Can I use heavy duty coolant in my car?

You should NEVER use light duty coolant in a heavy duty engine, this will cause damage! However, a heavy duty coolant can be generally be used in a light duty cooling system without fear of harm. During an engine rebuild or overhaul, the liner can be replaced to allow the rest of the engine to continue in service.

Is Rotella ELC NF ethylene glycol?

Shell Rotella ELC NF 50/50 antifreeze/coolant is a “Fill for Life” ethylene glycol based coolant.

Is Rotella ELC compatible with Dexcool?

Provides excellent heat transfer due to the OAT technology that is superior to conventional coolants. Shell ROTELLA® ELC NF Pre-Diluted 60/40 is miscible and compatible with other engine coolant (antifreeze), including Shell ROTELLA® ELC, Shell ROTELLA® ELC Ultra, ShellZone® DEX-COOL®.

Can antifreeze last 10 years?

A sealed bottle of antifreeze has an indefinite shelf life. Once opened, it will keep for years if stored in the original container.