What is an HDX card?

What is an HDX card?

The HDX PCIe card connects to Pro Tools hardware over uniquely designed connectivity formats. Two DigiLink ports provide 64 channels of I/O and ensure the highest fidelity audio in and out of the HDX Engine. DigiLink also allows Pro Tools to automatically compensate for hardware insert delays.

What are HDX plugins?

The HDX format provides installers for users running hardware accelerated Pro Tools systems which require AAX DSP. This is also the format needed for legacy TDM compatibility for Pro Tools 10 HD and earlier.

What is the difference between Pro Tools HD Native and HDX?

Pro Tools HDX is the top tier. Like HD Native, it’s a hardware-based system, but the big difference is that the core card is loaded with hugely powerful DSP chips and these are used to run the mixer and effects plug-ins, meaning a huge session doesn’t slow your computer to a crawl.

Do I need Pro Tools Ultimate for HDX card?

Pro Tools | HDX PCIe card Purchase HDX cards with or without Pro Tools | Ultimate software to design your own system or upgrade one, with up to three cards max per system.

How many HD IO per HDX card?

Start with HDX. And it features 64 channels of DigiLink I/O per card for connecting your system to any Pro Tools hardware I/O.

What is Avid HD hardware?

Pro Tools | HD I/O is a high-performance audio interface designed for Pro Tools | HD systems that enables you to capture every detail and nuance of a performance. Achieve the high fidelity, extensive dynamic range, and lowest possible latency you need for large-scale, high-profile projects.

What is native and HDX?

HDX is an external card to give you more processing power for pro tools, and native just means it runs on your computer’s cpu.

Can I use any audio interface with Pro Tools?

If you want to use Pro Tools then you can use any interface that supports Core Audio on Mac and ASIO on Windows. If you want to use Pro Tools HD then you will need to use an interface that has a DigiLink connection on it to connect to the Pro Tools HD or HDX cards, or via the Pro Tools HD Thunderbolt box.

What is Avid Pro Tools HDX?

Avid’s new Pro Tools HDX card has twice as many DSPs as previous-generation HD cards, offering five times the performance.

Where can I get support for avid HDX cards?

Avid 2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard Daly City, CA 94014-3886 USA Technical Support (USA) Visit the Online Support Center at www.avid.com/support Product Information For company and product information, visit us on the web at www.avid.com Title HDX Card Installation Guide Author Avid

What does the HDX card do?

A single HDX PCIe card provides up to 256 voiceable tracks of direct-to-disk recording and playback, as well as DSP power for mixing and plug-in processing. The HDX card supports up to 24-bit, 192 kHz Pro Tools sessions. Figure 1. HDX PCIe card DigiLink Mini ports DigiSerial port 6HDX Card Installation Guide DigiLink Mini Ports

Is avid HDX worth the money?

However, when you consider HDX in terms of value for money, it seems as though Avid are playing a very different game.