Who makes Nexen winguard?

Who makes Nexen winguard?

Overall View. This latest tire from Nexen – a renowned South Korean tire company who develops some of the world’s best-performing winter tires for the past 71 years – ranks among top-performing winter tires.

Who makes winguard?

Nexen Tire
Nexen Tire › Winguard Winspike tires are molded for installing studs that dig into snow or ice for better traction. The optimized arrangement of sipes and block rigidity maximizes handling and traction on ice in combination with the V-shaped tread pattern.

Are Nexen winguard winter tires?

The Nexen WinGuard Sport 2 is a Touring Winter studless winter tyre with directional tread, designed for passenger car.

Are Nexen good winter tires?

The high performance winter tire NEXEN WINGUARD SPORT intended for passager car, offering excellent snow performance, good dry and wet performance, good braking on icy and snowy roads with a longevity.

Who makes Nexen?

South Korea
Nexen Tire Corporation (Korean: 넥센타이어) is a tire manufacturer headquartered in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province and Seoul in South Korea. Established in 1942 under the name, Heung-A Tire Company, Nexen Tire Co. has served the industry for the past 71 years….Nexen Tire.

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Website https://www.nexentire.com/

Are Nexen winguard winspike wh62 good?

The Nexen Winguard winSpike WH62 is a High Performance studded winter tyre with directional tread, designed for passenger cars. In 2018 experts of the Swedish publication Vi Bilagare have tested the Nexen WH62 at size 205/55 R16 and compared it with six similar studded winter tyres.

What is a winguard winspike tire?

Nexen WinGuard Winspike tire The Nexen WinGuard Winspike is part of the Tire test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Tire models like the WinGuard Winspike are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

How does the Nexen ws62 compare to other winter tyres?

In 2017 experts of the Finnish publication Tuulilasi have tested the Nexen WS62 at size 215/65 R16 and compared it with seven similar budget, mid-range and premium studded winter tyres. 7th place in Dry braking. The braking distance was 1.71 meters longer, than the leader.