What is a vegetation management program?

What is a vegetation management program?

The Vegetation Management Program (VMP) is a cost-sharing program that focuses on the use of prescribed fire, and some mechanical means, for addressing wildland fire fuel hazards and other resource management issues on State Responsibility Area (SRA) lands.

What are three types of vegetation management?

There are a number of ways to manage vegetation: manual, mechanical, biological, cultural, and chemical.

What does a vegetation manager do?

Overall, managing the clearing and maintenance of trees and other vegetation around utility network assets. Overseeing the execution of the vegetation management program to successfully achieve safety and reliability for the network, while meeting financial objectives.

What is EVM tree work?

Our Enhanced Vegetation Management (EVM) program involves multiple steps to help further reduce the risk of trees, limbs and branches from coming into contact with power lines in high fire-threat areas.

Does PG&E remove trees?

We also prune or remove approximately 1 million trees annually to help keep trees and vegetation away from power lines. This important work helps us maintain required safety clearances, enhance the safety and reliability of our electric system, and reduce the risk of wildfires and tree-related outages.

What is the vegetation map?

What Is a Vegetation Map? A vegetation map is just what it sounds like: a map that depicts vegetation. A vegetation map is critical information for any land manager, whether the land is managed for agriculture or forestry or recreation, and is relevant to just about every issue a land manager has to face.

Why is vegetation management important?

While vegetation management on ROW is essential for providing safe and reliable electric power, these ROW also provide important wildlife habitats. These habitats also encourage the growth of native plant species and can increase plant diversity.

What started the Dixie Fire?

According to a press release from Cal Fire, “the Dixie Fire was caused by a tree contacting electrical distribution lines owned and operated by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) located west of Cresta Dam.”

How do I become a PG&E vendor?

Follow these four steps in order to work with PG&E as a diverse supplier

  1. To request an application by phone, contact the Supplier Clearinghouse at 1-800-359-7998.
  2. To Request an application by email, send a request to [email protected].
  3. You can also download an application at the Supplier Clearinghouse.

Will Pepco cut down trees?

Pepco’s tree contractor will periodically prune out branches which might interfere with our power lines and electric facilities.

What is integrated vegetation management?

Integrated Vegetation Management is an assessment and management tool for maintaining desired vegetation, such as highway plantings, existing colonized plantings and/or colonized native species within the right-of-way. The program is driven by a variety of issues, such as:

What is vegetation control?

Manual vegetation control. This is traditional method of maintaining the plants free from weed competition. A small scythe or hook is used to cut the vegetation around the plant. Alternatively, with tall grassy vegetation it is often sufficient to trample the area around the trees as the weeds, when flattened, remain on the ground.

What is railroad vegetation control?

Vegetation Control. Trees can form a canopy over the tracks, scraping the tops of rail cars that pass underneath. Periodically, vegetation around the right-of-way must be managed. This also holds true for unpaved areas on your rail yards, around your industrial facilities and on your properties.