Is Nctf a filler?

Is Nctf a filler?

FILLMED’s Bio Nutri Lift and Bio Nutri Lips treatments incorporate premium dermal filler, FILLMED Art Filler, with NCTF to provide an immediate lifting effect without trauma, whilst also enhancing the quality of the skin and stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.

What is NCTF 135HA?

Filorga® NCTF 135HA is an anti-aging mesotherapy indicated for intensive revitalization, moisturizing of tired or dull skin, treatment of wrinkles. The formula consists of 55 active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, proteins and antioxidants) that stimulate and repair aging skin.

What is Nctf filorga?

Filorga. Overall score: 75/100. Tested August 2018. NCTF (also known as New Cellular Treatment Factor) is a supreme regeneration cream that contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and antioxidants. It’s designed to target wrinkles, and increase firmness and radiance.

How long does Nctf last?

Treatments last around 20 minutes. Treatment sessions are repeated every 4 weeks for 3 months and a maintenance session is recommended every 6 months. what is nctf 135 ha? At Rejuvence we use mesotherapy products from Filorga.

How do you inject Nctf?

NCTF® 135 and NCTF® 135 HA are indicated to be injected in the epidermis or dermis in the following areas : Face (including periorbital area), Neck, Décolleté area, Back of the hands, Internal face of the arms.

What is Nctf treatment?

NCTF stands for New Cellular Treatment Factor and is recognised as an anti-aging mesotherapy product composed of 54+1 active ingredients that bring poly revitalisation and deep hydration to skin lacking brightness, tone and elasticity.

How is mesotherapy done?

It is a procedure performed on the middle layer of the skin using a needle as a method similar to Acupuncture. The process of injecting amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins into the middle layer of the skin with the help of needles (sometimes alone or mixed with each other), is called mesotherapy.

What is meso injection?

What is Mesotherapy? The word ‘meso’ indicates ‘middle. ‘ In mesotherapy procedures, thin needles are used to administer injections to the middle layer of skin. A therapist injects hormones, vitamins, and enzymes into your skin using very thin needles to tighten and revitalize it.

What is filorga NCTF 135ha®?

This ionic balancing formula has 55 ingredients to repair the skin layers. Filorga NCTF 135HA® actively repairs the skin to replace minerals that are deficient such as Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. Also with pure hyaluronic acid, it gives instant results to improve your skins natural brightness and water levels.

Where to buy fillmed NCTF 135ha online?

You can buy Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF 135HA online from . You can look for other Fillmed (Filorga) products here. A perfect product for eliminating any aging signs (even the deepest creases and folds!).

What is the active composition of NCTF 135ha?

Active composition: Sodium Hyalurante (5mg/ml), polyrevitilizing solution. You can buy Fillmed (Filorga) NCTF 135HA online from . You can look for other Fillmed (Filorga) products here.

What is NCTF injections?

NCTF deeply revitalises and moisturises skin in lack of radiance, tone, elasticity or firmness. The NCTF nutrient and poly-conditioner complex® is injected in small amounts along the wrinkles all over the face, neck, neckline, back of the hands, etc.