How much is it to ride the Royal Scotsman?

How much is it to ride the Royal Scotsman?

All Belmond Royal Scotsman tours start in Edinburgh and beautifully showcase the history, culture & scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Prices start at around £2,350 per person for the 2-night Highland, £3,440 for the 3-night Western, or £4,330 for the 4-night Highland Classic, based on two people sharing.

Are there any steam trains in the UK?

The West Highland Line from Fort William to Mallaig has topped many a list of the world’s great railway journeys, and steam power has been a feature of the line since 1984.

How long is the Jacobite steam train ride?

84 mile
Described as the greatest railway journey in the world, this 84 mile round trip takes you past a list of impressive extremes.

How do I book a Jacobite Steam train?

The Jacobite Steam Train is operated by the West Coast Railway Company in Lancashire (England). To book tickets, please telephone: 0333 996 6720 or book online.

Who owns the Royal Scotsman?

Louis Vuitton group buys Royal Scotsman train operator.

When did the last steam train run in Britain?

11 August, 1968
Memories of the last mainline steam train service at its final stop in Liverpool in August 1968. At 7.58pm on 11 August, 1968 a black locomotive edged slowly under the arched glass roofs of Liverpool’s Lime Street Station and ended Britain’s age of passenger steam travel, where it had all started 138 years previously.

Why go on a steam train holiday?

When you embark on one of our steam train holidays you will be drawn into an idyllic world where time slows down and relaxation is at the forefront of your mind. Steam rail tours let you soak up unparalleled vistas of glossy lakes and verdant valleys that are overlooked by stately mountains.

Where can I go on a steam rail tour?

A little further afield, our steam rail tours give you the opportunity to experience the wonderful steam railways of Germany’s Harz Mountains and the Achenseebahn and Zillertalbahn in the Austrian Tyrol. If you want to learn more about the stunning railways of the UK, discover Coastal Railways with Julie Walters.

What is a rail Holiday UK?

Imagine a luxurious cruise but on land where your every need is met and luxury is everywhere you look, that is exactly what a rail holiday UK is. Taking a train holiday is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that guarantees lasting memories and stories to tell.

What is the New Zealand steam train tour?

The holiday of a lifetime, this tour takes you on a journey across the North and South Islands of New Zealand with well over a thousand miles of steam-hauled train travel, stopping at incredible locations along the way.