What happened to Mendoza on ESPN?

What happened to Mendoza on ESPN?

Jessica Mendoza will step down as an adviser to the New York Mets and no longer serve as an analyst on ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcasts after signing a contract extension with the network. Mendoza has been with ESPN since 2007, when she was hired as a softball analyst and college football sideline reporter.

Who is Jessica Mendoza husband?

Adam BurksJessica Mendoza / Husband (m. 2006)
Mendoza is married to Adam Burks, with whom she has sons Caleb Ashton and Caden Adam.

Does Jessica Mendoza still work at ESPN?

In 2020, Mendoza serves as an analyst in ESPN’s exclusive English-language KBO League coverage for the 2020 regular season. In the 2020 MLB season, she becomes the first woman to serve as a solo analyst for a national package of MLB game telecasts including weeknight games and holiday baseball.

Is Rick Sutcliffe still ESPN?

Richard Lee Sutcliffe (born June 21, 1956), nicknamed “The Red Baron”, is an American former Major League Baseball pitcher with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, and St. Sutcliffe is currently a broadcaster for ESPN. …

Where is Jessica Mendoza Sunday Night Baseball?

Jessica Mendoza signed a contract extension with ESPN that will result in her moving on from “Sunday Night Baseball” and her front office job with the New York Mets, the Associated Press reported.

Who is the first black softball player?

Betty Chapman
1951- Betty Chapman was the first African American professional softball player.

What happened to Rick Sutcliffe’s parents?

Rick Sutcliffe: I didn’t really start until I was about nine. My parents were divorced and we moved in with our grandparents and that’s when the racecar driver idea went away and my grandpa gave me a baseball glove.

What teams did Sutcliffe play for?

St. Louis Cardinals1994
Baltimore Orioles1992 – 1993Chicago Cubs1984 – 1991Cleveland Guardians1982 – 1984Los Angeles Dodgers1978 – 1981, 1976
Rick Sutcliffe/All teams

Is Jessica Mendoza Hispanic?

On her Hispanic heritage, Mendoza told ESPN she felt Latinas needed to “Embrace the fact that you are different.” She often points her source of inspiration to her father, who was a first-generation Mexican-American that taught her to love her Hispanic roots.