Does MAHLE own Behr?

Does MAHLE own Behr?

Stuttgart, August 9, 2018 – The MAHLE Group plans to acquire all the shares in Behr Hella Service GmbH, its current joint venture with Hella, and to distribute Behr Hella Service products via its own Aftermarket organization. This step will further strengthen MAHLE’s position in thermal management.

Where are Behr auto parts made?

Behr is an automotive parts manufacturer based in Germany.

Who owns MAHLE GmbH?

Mahle Stiftung GmbHMAHLE GmbH / Parent organization

What companies does MAHLE own?

Today, MAHLE is a predominant system supplier for components of piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems, and liquid management systems, for all well-known automobile manufacturers. In 2010, the MAHLE Group generated sales in excess of €5.2 billion.

Is MAHLE and Behr the same?

Mahle Takes Over Behr Hella Service With the complete takeover of business activities now in full effect, MAHLE will now offer wholesalers and workshops the full spectrum of thermal management products from a single source. Driven 2 Automotive has stocked BHS products for many years, so the transfer is important.

Is Behr the same as Hella?

This joint venture between HELLA and Behr is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of climate control and thermal management for the automotive industry.

Are Behr parts good?

Behr and Bosch are two OEMs that consistently put out very low quality replacement parts that are basically aftermarket, because they never made those parts originally. Because of that, it’s often important to know where the part was manufactured. A lot of Bosch and Behr parts come from China.

Where are hella parts made?

Today Hella has six different production manufactures in Germany, which are located in Lippstadt, Bremen, Recklinghausen, Hamm (Bockum-Hövel), Nellingen and Wembach.

Where are MAHLE parts made?

All pistons are manufactured in the Morristown, TN piston plant, including the MAHLE Motorsport parts used at virtually every racing venue in the world. All piston rings are produced in St. Johns, MI.

Where are rein automotive parts made?

The difference is the CRP listed ones are made in Germany, the Rein listed ones are made in Turkey.

Who makes BMW expansion tanks?

The Meyle tank has the regular, round o-rings. I haven’t had any problems with it during the ~10 months it’s been in. “OEM” from FCP is identical to Genuine BMW, and made in Germany by Modine.