What is UPS fuel surcharge?

What is UPS fuel surcharge?

Ground and UPS SurePost Fuel Surcharge The surcharge will be based on the National U.S. Average On Highway Diesel Fuel Price as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) for the week that is two weeks prior to the adjustment, rounded to the nearest cent.

How do you quote a fuel surcharge?

Knowing the fuel mileage, then the fuel surcharge is simply: $1.00 per gallon divided by your truck’s miles per gallon. If your truck gets 5 mpg, then the fuel surcharge would be: $1.00 / 5 mpg = $0.20 per gallon or 20 cents per gallon.

How is freight fuel surcharge calculated?

The calculation looks like this:

  1. Original fuel price – Updated fuel price = Difference in fuel cost.
  2. Difference in fuel cost / Miles per gallon = Cost per mile.
  3. Cost per mile x Distance travelled = Surcharge.

Can you pay Piedmont Natural gas with a credit card?

Use this option to make a one-time payment online with your bank account (checking or savings) or your credit card (Visa™, MasterCard or Discover) absolutely free. (Please note: At this time, credit card payments are available for Residential customers only.)

What are fuel surcharges?

Fuel surcharge fees are intended to provide an average cost of fuel, to ensure the carrier does not incur losses due to the always-changing fuel costs. Fuel surcharges were initially established because agreements to ship materials is a contractual agreement between the shipper and the carrier.

What is the percentage of fuel surcharge?

The fuel surcharge is usually 2.5% and is actually little more as service tax is levied on this surcharge. Let’s help you understand fuel surcharges with an example. Say, you need to fill fuel for Rs. 1000 through your credit card, this is what you need to pay.

How are surcharge fees calculated?

The total amount of the credit card surcharge is $2.00 less $0.21 or $1.79. Divide the credit card surcharge by the selling price if you want to determine the surcharge as a percentage of the selling price. In this case, it is $1.79 divided by $3 or 60 percent.

Does Piedmont Natural Gas charge a deposit?

You may be required to pay a deposit if any one of the following conditions exist: a) you have had two (2) consecutive 30-day arrears in the past twenty-four (24) months or more than two (2) non-consecutive 30-day arrears in the past twenty-four (24) months; b) you cannot furnish either an acceptable co-signer or …

Who owns Piedmont Natural Gas?

Duke Energy
Piedmont Natural Gas/Parent organizations
Piedmont Natural Gas, a business unit of Duke Energy, is the trusted natural gas provider for residential and business customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Call us at 800.752. 7504 or complete the form on our Contact Us page and a representative will contact you.

Why do companies charge a fuel surcharge?

Why Do Fuel Surcharges Exist In The First Place? Fuel makes up a large share of the cost of transporting goods by truck. Since the cost of fuel changes almost by the hour, and contracts are locked in months or years in advance, a fuel surcharge is a way for carriers to account for variations in fuel prices.