Are Citation jets safe?

Are Citation jets safe?

The Citation series of aircraft have proven to be a safe, reliable form of transportation with substantially lower accident rates than the overall general aviation population. The strong safety performance is likely driven by a combination of design, maintenance, and operational elements.

Does the Citation Mustang have a toilet?

One main door is located in the forward left section of the aircraft, with an additional emergency exit on the center right section of the fuselage. In its standard configuration, the Mustang has four passenger seats in the aft cabin, a toilet, and seating for two in the cockpit.

What is the best Citation jet?

Our Top 5 Citation Models

  • Citation Latitude. Great range and spacious amenities (pictured above)
  • Citation Sovereign. Low operations costs and unprecedented runway performance.
  • Citation XLS. Super versatile, making it a popular charter aircraft.
  • Citation X. Unrivaled speed and ramp presence.
  • Citation CJ2.

How fast does a Citation jet go?

700 mph
The Cessna Citation X is the fastest sub-sonic cross-continental business jet in the world, reaching a top speed of Mach 0.92 (700 mph) while consuming an average of 336 gallons per hour.

What is the safest private jet company?

Wheels Up Private Jets is the longest continuous holder of any part 135 operator in the world of the coveted ARG/US Platinum safety rating. We have achieved the highest rating from the major third-party safety auditing companies. These organizations set the safety standards for the private jet charter industry.

What is the smallest plane with a toilet?

The TBM 700 is the smallest I can think of. Or a Cessna 421.

What is the largest private jet?

The 747-8i Boeing Business Jet is the world’s largest private jet currently in active operation. The dual-level jumbo jet takes private flying to the next level as a flying palace capable of traversing timezones in the absolute pinnacle of luxury air travel.

What’s the fastest business jet?

Top 10 fastest business jets in the world (as of 2021)

  • Bombardier Challenger 600 series: 890 kmh / 553 mph.
  • Dassault Falcon 2000: 893 kmh / 554 mph.
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: 895 kmh / 556 mph.
  • Gulfstream G550: 941 kmh / 584 mph.
  • Bombardier Global 5000/6000: 944 kmh / 586 mph.
  • Dassault Falcon 7X/8X: 956 kmh / 594 mph.

What is a Cessna Citation Mustang?

The Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet that was built by Cessna . Launched at the 2002 NBAA convention, the Model 510 first flew on April 23, 2005. It received its FAA type certification September 8, 2006, and was first delivered on November 22. Production ended in 2017 after 479 aircraft were built.

What is the difference between the Citation Mustang and Citation 500?

The Citation Mustang is even smaller and lighter than Cessna’s first-ever corporate jet built in 1971, the Citation 500. The Citation 500 was developed to be the first affordable, entry level executive jet and was marketed to compete directly with the Beech King Air.

What is the difference between Citation Longitude and Mustang?

The Mustang was a Very Light Jet delivered from 2006 to 2017 while the flat floor fuselage Latitude has been delivered since 2015 and the larger Longitude from 2019. The aircraft are named after Citation, a champion American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the American Triple Crown.

When did the first Citation Mustang come out?

The Cessna Citation Mustang (Model 510) is a very light jet built by Cessna. Launched at the 2002 NBAA convention, it first flew on 23 April 2005. It received its FAA type certification September 8, 2006, was first delivered on November 22 and production ended in 2017 after 479 aircraft were built.