Why buy karting parts from Speedway Motors?

Why buy karting parts from Speedway Motors?

Speedway Motors recognizes the need for quality Karting parts to fit any budget, expert technical support, and fast shipping to get your Karting parts when you need them. We are proud to offer a great selection of Karting parts so that we can be there for the next generation of racers, through all chapters of their racing story.

Where can I buy go kart parts?

Kart Parts Depot offers a huge selection of top quality go kart parts from the premier names in the industry like Aim, Briggs and Stratton, Burris, Douglas Wheels, Max Torque, Righetti Ridolfi, RLV, Streeter, and Zamp. And we get them to you fast!

What are some testimonials for acceleration karting?

Testimonials At this time I would like to thank everyone at Acceleration karting for their vast knowledge of their products and karts as well as their professional courtesy. Even though we live on the opposite side of the United States (New York) you are going to be our go to company for my grandson’s karting needs. Thank you again.

Why buy a Holden go kart?

So we got the kart on time, completely put together, and ready for the track. This was completely unexpected, and a great surprise. Not to mention, Holden found a way to save me money (which in this sport, every dime saved is a bonus). So we got the kart, my kid slipped in the seat and he fit perfectly. Seat size and location was ideal.

Is there a gear chart for karting?

We have a gear chart, but check to see what your local drivers (in your class) are using at your track. A general rule of thumb, is to gear the kart so you hit your maximum rpm near the end of the fastest (and usually the longest) straight.

How safe is karting?

Safety is a combination of many things, two of which include the driver and the track. Karting is safer than many other sports, but it is a high-speed motorsport so there are some dangers to be aware of. Track: We recommend you walk the track (when it’s not being used by karts, of course!) to check the run-off and barriers in each corner.

What are the different age divisions for go karts?

Karting is a great family sport and is a fun way for all ages to go racing. Most kart clubs or tracks offer the following age divisions: 5-7 years old: Commonly referred to as “Kid Karts” in the U.S. and also referred to as “Baby Karts” these are usually powered by a small (50cc) 2-stroke engine similar to what you’d find on a chain saw.

Can you build my race kart?

We can build you the race kart of your dreams – From – Kid Kart – Cadet Kart – LO206 Kart – KA100 Kart – Rok Kart – Shifter Kart – We ship karts nationwide. You’ll be even happier to see your favorite delivery truck with free standard shipping on orders of over $150.

What is the fastest kart class in the USA?

The LO206 kart class is quickly becoming the biggest class at the local tracks. 4 Stroke engine about 9.5 hp and almost zero engine maintenance. Ages 7 to Adult – 60 MPH Top Speed.

What kind of race kart parts do we carry?

We carry a wide variety of race kart parts from the simple nuts and bolts to complete race karts and everything in-between! We are a dealer for many different kart chassis brands with CompKart being the premier manufacture.