Who is the founder of Ramraj cotton?

Who is the founder of Ramraj cotton?

K.R. Nagarajan
Ramraj Cotton/Founders
The company is constituted by the enterprising technocrat Shri. K.R. Nagarajan. He has provided the vision continually and is the reason behind the growth of RAMRAJ Cotton.

What is double dhoti?

Double dhoti is a lengthy garment. It’s four-meter in length, sometimes it’s just a little lesser and it gets wrapped around the lower body as two layers of smooth soft cotton. The best garment for Indian summers.

Who is the brand ambassador of Ramraj Cotton?

Rana Daggubati
Rana Daggubati is brand ambassador Ramraj Cotton, a Tamil Nadu-based manufacturer of dhotis and vests, has set its eyes on the North and the West for expansion.

What is 9×5 dhoti?

9×5 Brahmin Dhoti. 4 Mtr Dhoti (9 Mulam – Double) and 2.25 (5 Mulam) Mtr of Angavastaram. More Comfort and Pure Cotton. Open length and the borders are not stitche.

How is dhoti measured?

Size Don’t select as your Pant Size as dhoti size. Its not fit for all body structure. So you can measure the size bottom to top 40 inches ( asper attached images) In hip and measure that place. Then only you can get correct dhoti size..

What is single dhoti?

The unique piece of cloth known as dhoti is worn as a garment for comfort. This is an item of indigenous clothing for the men of the Indian subcontinent. Most of the single dhoti for men are made out of cotton fabric. It’s wrapped only one time around the waist and it’s only two meters in length.

Who is the brand ambassador of ramraj in Karnataka?

The showroom was opened by actor Daggubati Venkatesh, who is the also the brand ambassador for the company. K.R.

What is a panche or lungi?

‘Panche’, another name for Dhoti, is a rectangular piece of cloth of 4.5m metres long. This non-stitched cloth is wrapped around the legs and knotted around the waist.

What is the function of dhoti?

Dhoti Function or Dhoti Ceremony is an Indian Hindu ceremony performed when a boy wears a dhoti for the first time. Dhoti will be presented by the boy’s maternal uncle or maternal grand parents. Dhoti ceremony symbolises the transition of a young boy’s life into adulthood.