Who is Silvio Berlusconi?

Who is Silvio Berlusconi?

In addition to his very public campaign with Fascina, which experts say is calculated to suggest that despite his age he is still vigorous, Berlusconi, who has been prime minister of Italy on four previous occasions, has also stressed his personal contacts with world leaders, including President Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Will Berlusconi step aside in favour of Gianni Letta?

“But to convince Renzi and the unaffiliated members to join forces with them, the leaders of the centre-right/right-wing alliance may have to ask Berlusconi to step aside in favour of a less controversial candidate such as Berlusconi’s former chief of staff Gianni Letta, former minister of economics Giulio Tremonti or former mayor of Milan Letiz…

Who is Berlusconi’s new girlfriend Marta Fascina?

But no one is surprised that Berlusconi, 85, has been meeting with Rome’s power brokers accompanied by his latest leggy blond girlfriend-Marta Fascina, a 32-year-old parliamentarian from Reggio Calabria.

The one thing missing from the list of 22 personality traits and accomplishments flaunted in a full-page newspaper advert entitled “Who is Silvio Berlusconi?” was the former Italian prime minister’s talent for singing.

What does Silvio Berlusconi mean for Italy’s secret ballot?

The secret ballot begins on 24 January, and Berlusconi, 85, has broken from tradition by shamelessly campaigning for the job, a largely ceremonial role with powers to resolve political crises, even without officially throwing his hat into the ring.

What powers will Silvio Berlusconi have if he becomes president?

If he becomes president, Berlusconi will gain powers to pick prime ministers who can then go on to attempt form governing majorities, call early elections and approve or scrap laws.