What wrist injury did del Potro have?

What wrist injury did del Potro have?

It was shortly after that triumph nine years ago in New York that del Potro’s surgery on his dominant right wrist happened. That was followed by three procedures on his left wrist, which sidelined him for 2½ years’ worth of Grand Slam tournaments.

Does del Potro have the best forehand?

Del Porto has the hardest hitting forehand when it goes in! Federer has a better forehand, but when Del Potro is on, his forehand is more devastating. Federer, Lendl and Nadal have the best forehands I have ever seen. Roger Federer has less pace and power on his forehand, but he places it well.

What happened to Dominic Thiem’s wrist?

Dominic Thiem has confirmed he will not require surgery on a wrist injury that has ruled him out for the rest of the season. The 28-year-old, who reached the semi-finals of the Madrid Open earlier this year, suffered the injury in June at the Mallorca Open.

How many surgeries has Del Potro had?

Del Potro has had a total of eight surgeries – one on the right wrist in 2010, followed by three on the left wrist between 2014 and 2015. Then the four surgeries on the right knee; the first in June of 2019, the second in January of 2020, the third in August of 2020 and the fourth in March of 2021.

How Fast Is Del Potro forehand?

Del Potro is known for the power of his forehand and that is something that stands out among the three. He has the highest average forehand ground stroke speed of the group, clocking in at an average of 131 KPH.

What grip does Del Potro use?

Juan Martin del Potro uses the eastern forehand grip to hold his racquet. It is considered to be an unconventional grip since with the evolution in the game of tennis the grip has been outdated. Most of the ATP men use western or semi-western on their racquets.

How does Del Potro hit so hard?

The few key factors that allow him to hit with such pace and precision are: Eastern forehand grip, which allows him to hit a flatter ball over a wider range of contact points. His unusual take-back, which primes his stroke to use less wrist than most modern forehands.

What grip does Del Potro use on forehand?

eastern forehand grip
Del Potro’s forehand grip is very unique, he uses an extreme eastern forehand grip, which allows him to hit the ball extremely flat if he wants to. Del Potro can still produce good levels of topspin when he needs to, but his main go-to forehand is the flat one.

Does Del Potro hit flat?

Summary. Del Potro’s forehand is one of the most potent weapons in the game. Eastern forehand grip, which allows him to hit a flatter ball over a wider range of contact points. His unusual take-back, which primes his stroke to use less wrist than most modern forehands.

How tall is Dominic Thiem?

6′ 1″
Dominic Thiem/Height

What happened to Del Potro’s wrist?

Juan Martin Del Potro won the 2009 US Open only to miss most of the 2010 season due to a wrist injury. Wrist injuries occur more frequently on the dominant side and can be associated with tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves.

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