What is the synonym of advancing?

What is the synonym of advancing?

promotion, preferment, career development, elevation, upgrading, being upgraded, progress, improvement, betterment, growth, rise, moving up. a step up the ladder, a step up, a move up. aggrandizement.

What is another word for coalescing?

Some common synonyms of coalesce are amalgamate, blend, commingle, fuse, merge, mingle, and mix.

What is a synonym for stillness?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stillness, like: tranquillity, soundlessness, placidity, quietness, silence, motionlessness, quiet, lull, peace, emptiness and solitude.

What is the synonym of pressurize?

verb. 1’he never tried to pressurize Buffy into buying the apple’ coerce, pressure, press, push, persuade, influence, force, squeeze, bulldoze, hound, harass, nag, harry, badger, goad, prod, pester, browbeat, brainwash, bully, bludgeon, intimidate, dragoon, twist someone’s arm, strong-arm.

What does it mean to advance something?

: to move forward. : to move (someone or something) forward. : to go forward : to make progress : to continue in a process of development, aging, etc. advance. noun.

What does coalescence mean?

coalesce \koh-uh-LESS\ verb. 1 : to grow together. 2 a : to unite into a whole : fuse. b : to unite for a common end : join forces. 3 : to arise from the combination of distinct elements.

What is the antonym for coalescing?

What is the opposite of coalesce?

dissever part
sunder unlink
break up detach
disconnect disjoin
dissociate divide

What is the stillness mean?

silence; quiet; hush. the absence of motion.

What is stillness of the mind?

Stillness is the cessation of thought. It is the practice of completely quieting of the mind and not observing anything. This is what’s truly meant by the present moment.

Is it pressuring or pressurizing?

The noun pressure has been in the language since the Middle Ages, but the verbs pressure and pressurize are fairly recent coinages. The verb form pressurize was coined to describe the process of producing artificial atmospheric pressure. Pressurizing appears in 1940; pressurized in 1944.

What is the definition of overpressure?

Define overpressure. overpressure synonyms, overpressure pronunciation, overpressure translation, English dictionary definition of overpressure. n. 1. A transient air pressure, such as the shock wave from an explosion, that is greater than the surrounding atmospheric pressure. 2. Geology Pore or…

What does over pressure mean in physics?

overpressure – a transient air pressure greater than the surrounding atmospheric pressure; “the overpressure of the blast kills by lethal concussion”. air pressure, atmospheric pressure, pressure – the pressure exerted by the atmosphere.

What happens if you get hit by an overpressure wave in space?

— Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics, 25 Sep. 2019 In space there’s no air, so all that pounds-per-square-inch overpressure damage is not going to happen. — Joe Pappalardo, Popular Mechanics, 2 Apr. 2018 When a man hiding in a fridge is swept by this overpressure wave, he’ll certainly be battered to death inside a tumbling, irradiated oven.