What is the Oscar Wilde lounge at Hotel Cafe Royal?

What is the Oscar Wilde lounge at Hotel Café Royal?

The Oscar Wilde Lounge is home to Hotel Café Royal’s traditional afternoon tea service. Awarded Best Traditional Afternoon Tea in the UK in the 2017/2018 Afternoon Tea Awards, a seasonal menu is served alongside fine Champagnes and your choice of over 20 tea blends and infusions, whilst a live pianist adds to the celebrative ambience.

Was Oscar Wilde a gay martyr?

The current celebration of Wilde as gay martyr is certainly one legitimate interpretation of his life, but it oversimplifies his complexity; indeed, it ignores the major movement of his life, a life that may also be seen as a long and difficult conversion to the Roman Catholic Church. “I am not a Catholic,” said Oscar Wilde.

What happened to Oscar Wilde after he went to jail?

Wilde was released on bail but refused to follow his friends’ advice to flee to France (Lord Alfred had already fled). A new trial was begun, and on May 25, 1895, Oscar Wilde was found guilty of sodomy. In September of the same year he appeared again in court and was declared bankrupt.

Was Oscar Wilde a persecuted genius?

The centenary of his premature death in 1900 at age 46 was widely celebrated in the literary and gay communities with moving testimonies to Oscar Wilde, the persecuted genius and gay man, victim of a repressive and judgmental social order. Many of these recent works do tell part of Wilde’s story well.

What makes Oscar Wilde’s afternoon tea so special?

From the savoury options to the sweet delicacies, as well as the unique selection of cocktails and tea, every element of the afternoon tea takes inspiration from him. Served in the stunning Oscar Wilde Lounge, formally known as The Grill (Est.1865) which welcomed famed patrons from royalty, celebrity and the creative.

Which is the best place to have afternoon tea in London?

Traditional or contemporary, the choice is yours… 1 Traditional Afternoon Tea. The Oscar Wilde Lounge is a space where great minds came together to change the world. 2 Sweet Afternoon Bubbles Experience. 3 Cafe Royal Urban Resort. 4 ‘Sweet Treats’ Afternoon Tea and Spa. 5 Group Afternoon Tea.

Why choose Hotel Café Royal for your afternoon tea?

Whether you’re celebrating a hen party, baby shower or birthday celebration, do so with a traditional afternoon tea at Hotel Café Royal. We can cater to groups of up to 30 guests in the Grade II listed and ornately decorated Oscar Wilde Lounge and Domino room.