What is the IQ of Vsauce?

What is the IQ of Vsauce?

Michael graduated from the University of Chicago, a top 10 school, with a double major in Psychology and English (with average IQ’s of 113 and 120, but remember he did both at a top quality university). This narrows it down to his IQ likely being between 120 and 140 based on averages and difficulty.

Why is Vsauce so good?

He mixes in his own brand of quirky humor and wit with great facial expressions, voice modulation and genuine acting talent. It’s not hard to watch a science show for 20-30 minutes when the host is so clearly excited about what he’s saying and really wants you to be as well. Next, Vsauce stays fresh.

Who are vsauce 2 and 3?

Vsauce is a network of the top science and education channels on YouTube, comprised of Vsauce1, Vsauce2, Vsauce3 and Ding! Together they share over 25 million+ subscribers and over 3 billion views. They focus on hyper-curiosity about the world and look at everything with fresh, excited eyes.

What is the V in Vsauce?

According to episode #18 of LÜT on the original Vsauce channel, the name “Vsauce” was generated using the fake website generator portion of a site called Fake Name Generator. After Stevens generated the fake website Vsauce.com, he registered it and began uploading videos.

What did Michael Stevens study?

Stevens holds a bachelor’s degree in neuropsychology from the University of Chicago, as well as a bachelor’s degree in English literature. A random name generator was used to come up with the term “Vsauce.” Stevens comes up the ideas for his videos from conversations with others, or comments he receives from viewers.

Why do people not like vsauce?

His tone is pretty fast paced and packed with information. For someone who doesn’t want to be engaged with a video 100% of the time that may not be enjoyable. Mindless zombie video watching is in. For people who don’t like to think in quantified amounts watching VSauce may not be fun either.

What is the difference between vsauce 1 2 and 3?

Vsauce2 is mostly about human activity. Things like history, invention, anthropology, and so on. Again, like the above, there’s always exceptions. Vsauce3, arguably the least educational of the three, is about pop culture.

Is Michael vsauce married?

Marnie Stevensm. 2016
Michael Stevens/Spouse

What is vsauce most viewed video?

Top 10 Vsauce Videos

  • #8: “What Does Human Taste Like?”
  • #7: “Travel INSIDE A Black Hole”
  • #6: “What Color Is A Mirror?”
  • #5: “What’s the Most Dangerous place on Earth?”
  • #4: “Why Are Things Creepy” (2013)
  • #3: “Why Do We Kiss” (2013)
  • #2: “Is Your Red The Same as My Red?” (2013)
  • #1: “What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?” (2012)