What is Navinet?

What is Navinet?

What is NaviNet? NaviNet is America’s leading healthcare provider portal connecting over 40 health plans and 60% of the nation’s physicians. It is an easy-to-use, free, web-based solution linking providers to Keystone First VIP Choice.

How do I add a health plan to my Navinet menu?

To add a health plan to your NaviNet menu, open a case with NantHealth Support or call 1-888-482-8057, and choose option 1. For a monthly fee, access Medicare and over 1000 more health plans by subscribing to AllPayer Advantage. For more information, call 1-800-721-8563, and choose option 2.

What happened to Navi in 2021?

Year in Review: NAVI in Wild Rift, Brawl Stars, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends In 2021 our club started to make confident steps towards mobile cybersports. We will tell you what successes the Wild Rift, Brawl Stars, Free Fire and Mobile Legends teams had this season! 28 Dec 2021 148 0