What is MMC and snap-in?

What is MMC and snap-in?

A snap-in is a tool that is hosted in MMC. MMC offers a common framework in which various snap-ins can run so that you can manage several services by using a single interface. By picking and choosing specific snap-ins, you can create management consoles that include only the administrative tools that you need.

How do I add snap-in to MMC?

Add a snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console

  1. Open the MMC.
  2. From the File menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in.
  3. In the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog box, click Add.
  4. In the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box, click the snap-in you want to add to the console and click Add.

How do I get rid of snap-in MMC?

Using the Microsoft Management Console

  1. Start the MMC by selecting Run from the Start menu, typing in MMC , and then clicking OK.
  2. From the File menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in.
  3. At the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog, select a name from the Snap-ins added to drop-down box.
  4. At the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog, click Add.

Where are MMC snap-ins stored?

Snap-ins are registered in the [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT]\{CLSID} and [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MMC\Snapins] registry keys. A snap-in combined with MMC is called a management saved console, which is a file with . msc extension and can be launched using this syntax: mmc path \ filename.

How do I stop MMC?

To explicitly disable an MMC snap-in in Windows Vista Expand User Configuration, and then expand Administrative Templates. Expand Windows Components, and then click Microsoft Management Console. Double-click Restricted/Permitted snap-ins, and then disable the setting for the MMC snap-in that you do not want to use.

What is a Windows 10 snap-in?

On Windows 10, Snap assist helps you organize the space on your screen more efficiently, improving productivity. Using this feature, you can quickly snap windows to the sides or corners perfectly using the mouse, keyboard, and touch without the need to resize and position them manually.

How do you get add or remove snap-in?

In the MMC window, go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in. In the Add or Remove Snap-ins window, select Certificates and click Add. In the Certificates snap-in window, select Computer account, click Next, select Local computer, and click Finish. In the Add or Remove snap-in window, click OK.

What type of user do you have to be to use the MMC?

In order to use Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to access the storage system, a user must be in the local Administrators group. Because the Domain Admins group is placed within the Administrators group, users in the Domain Admins group have MMC access also.

Is it safe to delete MMC exe?

Like every other Windows system process, it is safe; removing it from your computer could destabilize dependent apps and programs. However, if you find that the mmc.exe file is a virus, you should delete it immediately. Afterward, reset your computer to reinstall the executable file.

Is MMC exe safe?

MMC.exe is a Microsoft-created file that is built into every version of Windows since 2000. This process is safe and shouldn’t be causing any problems under normal circumstances. No need to delete or freak out, thinking it’s a virus or malware.