What is a power series representation?

What is a power series representation?

A power series ∞∑n=0cnxn can be thought of as a function of x whose domain is the interval of convergence. Conversely, many functions can be expressed as power series, and we will be learning various ways to do this.

Who introduced power series?

Sal Khan
Power series is a sum of terms of the general form aₙ(x-a)ⁿ. Whether the series converges or diverges, and the value it converges to, depend on the chosen x-value, which makes power series a function. Created by Sal Khan.

What is a power series relationship?

power series, in mathematics, an infinite series that can be thought of as a polynomial with an infinite number of terms, such as 1 + x + x2 + x3 +⋯.

What is power series in complex analysis?

A power series is a series of functions ∑ fn where fn : z ↦→ anzn, (an) being a sequence of complex numbers. Depending on the cases, we will consider either the complex variable z, or the real variable x. Note that it implies the absolute convergence on ∆|z0|, ie ∀z ∈ ∆|z0|, ∑ |anzn| converges.

What is the difference between a series and a power series?

A power series is a series with a variable, typically , whose power appears as a factor in the term of the series. For example, This particular power series converges when , and for such its sum is . Another way of phrasing that is to say the series represents the function on the interval .

Why do we use power series?

Power series are used to approximate functions about a point. This allows us to evaluate definite integrals if the original function is complicated. Power series can be used to evaluate limits, either as a substitute to L’Hospital’s rule or if it is simpler to apply.

What is power series in real analysis?

Power series are useful in mathematical analysis, where they arise as Taylor series of infinitely differentiable functions. The familiar decimal notation for real numbers can also be viewed as an example of a power series, with integer coefficients, but with the argument x fixed at 1⁄10.

What is the center of a power series?

A power series “centered at x=a” is an infinite series in powers of x-a, like a polynomial that goes on forever. For example, 1+x+x^2+x^3+… = 1/(1-x) is a power series centered at x=0.

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