What does nysha mean?

What does nysha mean?

Nysha is an Indian name for girls meaning Special; will of stone.

How do you spell nysha?

Nysha is bay girl name, main origion is Hindi. English meanings of Nysha is “New beginning, #Special” and popular in Hindu religion.

What does the name Nyasha mean?

What is the meaning of the name Nyasha? Meaning of Nyasha: Name Nyasha in the African origin, means Italian and Portuguese version of modest that means not bragging one’s achievement.. People with name Nyasha are usually Judaism by religion.

Is Eshaal Quranic name?

Eshaal name meaning is Paradise Flower, Fragrant Flower Of Heaven. Eshaal is a Muslim Girl name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 5….Eshaal Name Meaning.

Name Eshaal
Religion Muslim
Short Name YES
Name Length 6 Letters and 1 Word

What does the name NYRA mean?

Sharing it, she wrote: “Nyra is an Indian baby girl name with the meaning: ‘Beauty of Goddess Saraswati’: The baby name Nyra is claimed to be of Hebrew origin meaning “plant”. Nyra is also said to have an American origin with the meaning “night border”.”

What does Tanaka mean?

center of the rice paddy
Japanese: usually written with characters meaning ‘center of the rice paddy’. One of the ten most common surnames, it is particularly frequent around the city of Osaka, and is also found in the Ryukyu Islands.

What does Tinashe mean in Shona?

God is with us
Meaning of the name Tinashe Derived from the Old Greek name Timaeus meaning ‘honor’, or from the Shona language meaning ‘God is with us’.

What is the lucky number of name Eshaal?

Eshal Origin / Usage is ‘ Arabic Baby Names ‘ . This name is especially approved for ‘Girls’ Gender. The lucky number for Eshal is ‘Eshal lucky number is 9’.

What does Esha mean in Islam?

Esha is a feminine given name, popular in the muslim religion and is of Arabic origin. Esha is a direct Quranic Arabic name, which mean “life” and also meaning “way of life”. Mostly the term “Esha” in Islam means the “night prayer” .

What does niara mean?

utmost purpose
The name Niara is of Swahili origin, also having Sanskrit roots with almost the same meaning. The meaning of Niara in Swahili is ‘utmost purpose’. In Sanskrit, the meaning of the name is ‘purpose’. It is traditionally a girl’s name. The pronunciation of the name is ‘Nii-aa-rah’, and the variants are Niarah or Niyara.

What does NYRA mean in Arabic?

Nyra is Muslim name which means – Rose; Beauty Of Goddess Saraswati.