Is the Ruger SP101 reliable?

Is the Ruger SP101 reliable?

22 LR. Throughout my years of owning this little revolver, I’ve never had any failures whatsoever. It’s incredibly reliable and built for years of consistent service. The SP101 features a triple-locking cylinder, locked into the front, bottom, and rear of the frame to ensure dependability and positive alignment.

What’s the difference between Ruger GP100 and SP101?

Ruger SP101 vs GP100: Reckoning Of The Ruger Revolvers. The SP101 makes the better concealed carry gun. The GP100, though, is an absolute tank of a pistol. It excels as a packing gun, home defense gun and otherwise carry gun for any purposes other than concealed carry, because it’s enormous.

Does Ruger make a SP101 38 special?

Ruger SP101® in 327 Fed….

Model: 5737
Caliber: 38 Spl +P
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 2.25″
MSRP: $889.00

Can a SP101 shoot 9mm?

Ruger expanded its SP101 revolver lineup late in 2017, adding a new model chambered in 9 mm, providing an option for consumers in a cartridge more often seen for semi-automatic pistols. Cylinder capacity is five rounds. The gun is equipped with an integral rear sight and a black-ramp front sight.

What kind of barrel does a colt 5720 have?

This review will concentrate on the Model No. 5720, which is a .357 Magnum with a 2.25″ barrel and double action only (DAO) operation. The hammer spur has been removed, leaving the hammer flush with the rear of the frame.

Is the Ruger SP101 snubnose a good gun?

Gun Review: Ruger SP101 snubnose revolver in .357 Magnum. Because of its heft and legendary construction, the Ruger SP101 makes for a surprisingly fun range gun as well as a top notch field revolver. In this gun writer’s humble opinion, the Ruger SP101 is the unequivocal pinnacle of Magnum power in a robust yet compact offering.

Is the Ruger SP101 indestructible?

The Ruger SP101 is likely as indestructible as snubnose revolvers will ever become and definitely the number one gun for you if you want Magnum power bundled tightly into a dense yet heavy duty revolver.

Are Ruger revolvers good quality?

It’s not quite on the same pristine level as say a Smith & Wesson revolver, but even so it’s of very high quality and something Ruger can rightfully boast about given the company’s “workman” reputation.