Is it Metastic or metastatic?

Is it Metastic or metastatic?

Metastases is the plural form of metastasis. Metastases most commonly develop when cancer cells break away from the main tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system.

How is metastasized spelled?

verb (used without object), me·tas·ta·sized, me·tas·ta·siz·ing.

What is the plural form for metastasis?

metastasis. noun. me·​tas·​ta·​sis | \ mə-ˈtas-tə-səs \ plural metastases\ -​ˌsēz \

Can a tumor grow overnight?

They emerge at night, while we sleep unaware, growing and spreading out as quickly as they can. And they are deadly. In a surprise finding that was recently published in Nature Communications, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers showed that nighttime is the right time for cancer to grow and spread in the body.

What is the verb for metastasize?

intransitive verb : to spread or grow by or as if by metastasis died of lung cancer which had metastasized throughout his body — G. P. Elliott Examples of metastasize in a Sentence

What is metastatic cancer?

b : the spread of a disease-producing agent (as cancer cells or bacteria) or disease from the initial or primary site of disease to another part of the body The overwhelming concern about prostate cancer is its potential for metastasis—for cells to escape the gland and take root in lymph nodes, bones, lungs, skin, or other tissue.

What is the root word of metastasies?

[mətas′təsis] pl. metastases. Etymology: Gk, meta + stasis, standing. 1 an active process by which tumor cells move from the primary location of a cancer by severing connections from the original cell group and establishing remote colonies.

Can we stop cancer metastasis?

Cancer spread to the lungs is one of the most common forms of metastasis in various cancers. But under the circumstances, they seem unable to stop its inexorable metastasis. Indeed, some 90 percent of cancer fatalities are the result of the metastasis rather than the primary tumor.