In what country is Cluj-Napoca?

In what country is Cluj-Napoca?

Cluj-Napoca, city, capital of Cluj județ (county), northwestern Romania. The historic capital of Transylvania, it is approximately 200 mi (320 km) northwest of Bucharest in the Someșul Mic River valley. The city stands on the site of an ancient Dacian settlement, Napoca, which the Romans made a municipium.

Is Hungarian A Cluj?

The capital and the economic centre of Transylvania is Kolozsvár ( Romanian : Cluj-Napoca). Till 1974 this city was know under the name of Cluj, which in fact is a denigration of the Hungarian Kolozs. The pronunciation of both names is roughly the same.

When was Cluj founded?


What is the capital of Cluj-Napoca?

Additionally, as Cluj-Napoca is the capital of Cluj County, the city hosts the palace of the prefecture, the headquarters of the county council ( consiliu județean) and the prefect, who is appointed by Romania’s central government.

What to do in Cluj-Cluj?

The Cluj Arena was inaugurated in 2011 with concerts by Scorpions and Smokie, the main event drawing over 40,000 people; other events followed, for instance Roxette in 2012 and Deep Purple in 2013. Smaller events occur regularly at the Polyvalent Hall, the Opera and the Students’ House of Culture.

What is the Cluj-Napoca Court of Justice?

The Cluj-Napoca Court of Justice is the local judicial institution and is under the purview of the Cluj County Tribunal, which also exerts its jurisdiction over the courts of Dej, Gherla, Turda and Huedin. Appeals from these tribunals’ verdicts, and more serious cases, are directed to the Cluj Court of Appeals.

What is the history of the University of Cluj?

The university claims roots as far back as 1581, when a Jesuit college opened in Cluj, but it was in 1872 that emperor Franz Joseph founded the University of Cluj, later renamed the Franz Joseph University (József Ferenc Tudományegyetem).