How much is a Crye JPC?

How much is a Crye JPC?

At just over one pound for the entire carrier, the JPC™ offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operator’s needs in terms of load carriage and comfort….

Size: Size Large Medium Small XLarge
Color: Color MultiCam Coyote Ranger Green
Price: $210.20
Call 718.246.3838 for volume pricing.

Does the military use Crye JPC?

The guy on the machine gun is wearing a Crye JPC. It is a very popular plate carrier across many military and tactical police units, for good reason. Crye Precision has a reputation for building quality gear, even if it is a little pricey. You will also see a Crye Back Panel, or assault pack on most operators.

What plates will fit Crye JPC?

Sizes are based on the size of the ballistic plate. For example, a large plate will fit best in a large JPC™. Patented, see Made in the US from US materials….Plate Sizing Info.

Small Plate: 11.75” x 8.75”
Medium Plate: 12.5” x 9.5”
Large Plate: 13.25” x 10.5”
XLarge Plate: 14” x 11.25”

What size plates Crye JPC?

Small: Fits chest 33-36″ Medium: Fits chest 37-40″ Large: Fits chest 41-45″ X-Large: Fits chest 46-49″

What does Jumpable mean military?

13 Dec 2020. While often used as a colloquial name in marketing, a jumpable plate carrier is a collective name for high-mobility plate carriers. These models are not always covert and can include gear as well, but are focused on allowing combatants to move quickly even over obstacles.

Does Crye have an NSN?

Crye Precision LLC NSN Parts: AVS-HA1-02-XL0 – AVS-KTA-02-SM0.

Can civilians buy from Crye Precision?

Armor sales Crye Precision reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to sell body armor to any person. Additionally, the sale of body armor to residents of Connecticut is restricted to in-person sales, unless the sale is made to certain law enforcement or military personnel.

Is Crye Precision worth the money?

The Crye Precision uniform is worth purchasing, if the individuals finances allow for it. It will certainly last longer than what is standard issued, but more importantly, it is less likely to tear or degrade when worn constantly over a 7 month to 13 month deployment.

Will 10×12 plates fit in small plate carrier?

10×12 would be a medium plate carrier.

Does the jumpmaster jump?

The United States Army Jumpmaster School trains personnel in the skills necessary to jumpmaster a combat-equipped jump and the proper attaching, jumping, and releasing of combat and individual equipment while participating in an actual jump that is proficient in the duties and responsibilities of the Jumpmaster and …

What is the Crye Precision JPC™?

The Crye Precision JPC is the first generation of JPC™ plate carriers. This lightweight plate carrier features the padded ventilation enhances comfort. With multiple pouches for gear and extra ammo, the Crye JPC™ 1.0 is ideal for situations where adaptability is key.

Why choose Crye JPC® plate carriers?

Anti-slip shoulder straps and padded ventilation panels on the interior make the Crye JPC one of most comfortable plate carriers in the industry. Complete your JPC® setup with the JPC® Side Plate Pouch Set, which provides additional coverage where you need it most.

Why choose Crye Precision?

The Crye Precision G3 Field Pants are unparalleled in quality and comfort and the Crye JPC Jumpable Plate Carrier has long been the most sought after plate carrier on the market. Crye Precision products stand out from the competition due to their durability, comfort and savings in weight.

Why is Crye so expensive?

Crye Precision is the ultimate provider of tactical gear and tactical clothing. Why is it so expensive? Because Crye products are the best of the best. The Crye Precision G3 pants are unparalleled in quality and comfort.