How much can you grow in a Supercloset?

How much can you grow in a Supercloset?

SUPERCLOSET Watering and Grow System Some of our cabinets have the ability to grow 24 plants from 2 to 4.5 feet tall with our designs, which is unmatched in the hydroponics industry. Each system is fully automated, including pumps and timers, and easily adjustable, depending on your plants’ watering needs.

What is a stealth grow box?

Stealth Box is a 4 plant, plug & play grow box that comes with everything you need for a full grow. The system produces 2-7 ounces of high quality, organic, cannabis every grow cycle and is carbon filtered to neutralize odours.

Is SuperCloset good?

“You guys over there at SuperCloset have been great throughout every step of the process and have helped me numerous times with my grow and non – grow questions. I can’t say enough good things about you, your product, and your team. I’m AMAZED at how well my plants are doing after just two weeks.”

Who owns SuperCloset?

CEO Kip Andersen
Founded by CEO Kip Andersen in 2002, literally in his garage, SuperCloset has quickly become the industry leader within the Hydroponic Cabinet and Indoor Gardening Community.

Which GrowBox is best?

10 Best High-End Stealth Grow Boxes

Product Size No. of Plants
#1 My U.S. Pick SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box (US Only) 18” wide, 24” deep & 30” high 2
#2 My EU Pick Stealth Grow Box (UK & EU Only) 18″ wide, 16″ deep & 35″ high 2
#3 The Trinity 3.0: Triple Chamber Grow Box (U.S. Only) 72” wide x 24” deep x 72” high 24

Do grow boxes really work?

The GrowBox makes it easy to grow vegetables and flowers in a small space. Update May 2016: The GrowBox is still working well. The color doesn’t appear to have faded and the tomatoes growing in it are doing well. I didn’t use a Nutrient Patch this year but did add significant amounts of organic tomato fertilizer.