How long does it take for moderation in RouteNote?

How long does it take for moderation in RouteNote?

RouteNote moderation times vary, but we usually aim to check and fix any issues with your release in around 72 hours. Once your release has been approved, presuming you haven’t sent a sales start date, our stores will get your release live in 48 hours to 2 weeks.

How long does RouteNote take to approve?

It usually takes around 3 business days. RouteNote’s moderation process can take approximately 72 hours from the moment your music is uploaded to your music being approved in our system, ready to go to stores and streaming services. We’ve written a blog post that helps you get through moderation without issues.

Why is RouteNote taking so long?

You may experience longer wait times for moderation around busy periods, such as Christmas. You’ll get an email once your release has been approved. If you’ve set no sales start date, from the date of approval, releases take around 48 hours to 2 weeks to hit stores.

How long does RouteNote take to get on Spotify?

Using RouteNote distribution, it usually takes up to 72 hours for a song to be approved, and a couple of days extra for it to appear on Spotify.

Is RouteNote better than DistroKid?

In regards to pricing though, DistroKid is clearly the winner! It’s 20$ per year for UNLIMITED releases while RouteNote charges 9.99$ per year + additional fees for each type of release (10$ – single, 20$ – ep, 30$ – album, 45$ – extended album).

What is explicit content in RouteNote?

It is simply the version of an Explicit track that has been edited to make it Non-Explicit. Now you know and you can distribute your music knowing exactly what you need to tag it with. So head to and upload your music, Explicit or not, for free today.

What happens after RouteNote approves?

Once your release has been approved, we’ll deliver it to your selected stores within 24 hours (excluding weekends). It’ll be live in most of your chosen stores within 14 days, however some stores can take up to 28 days due to longer ingestion periods.

Does RouteNote upload to Spotify?

At RouteNote we offer free distribution to Spotify. You get unlimited uploads to streaming services around the world. We protect your music rights on YouTube and monetise your music on social media with no extra charges.

Can I trust RouteNote?

This is a secure method not to lose money even before you have started. You can use this method for as long as you need to. For the Premium Plan, the perk is that RouteNote will not get any commission, but you have to pay the following fees: LIMITED OFFER!

Is RouteNote better than TuneCore?

RouteNote Premium offers distribution for singles at the same cost of TuneCore. For EPs or albums, RouteNote’s annual cost at $9.99 is a significant saving over TuneCore’s $49.99. For the smaller artist, RouteNote’s Free model offers an opportunity TuneCore cannot match.

What are explicit tags?

Explicit Tracks An explicit track is one that has curse words or language or art that is sexual, violent, or offensive in nature. It is up to you if your music should be marked as explicit. If you mark one track as explicit on your album, the entire album will carry the explicit tag.

What does clean mean in music?

The Clean version you see next to some of the Music titles means that the song/Album is edited out, like songs on the radio and does not contain any offensive content. Often swearing is taken out, lyrics deemed too violent for general people.

What is Routenote?

What is Routenote? Routenote is considered to be one of the largest music distributors. It does an excellent job in providing a “ simple, professional & totally free ” way to win over the world with your music. The platform has a huge distribution network and it covers 90% of the digital music market.

What does pending moderation mean?

Jacca-RouteNotesays: May 21, 2020 at 11:33 am Hello, pending moderation means that your release is in the queue to be moderated and you will hear from our team via email as soon as they’ve checked over your release and can approve it or tell you if any changes need to be made before we can send your music to stores and services. Reply Darrylsays:

What are the release requirements for Routenote?

Release titles must not feature the primary artist name. For single releases the release title must be the same as the track title. RouteNote has a 15 word limit for release titles. Producers must be listed in the release metadata.

What is routeroutenote sessions?

RouteNote Sessions showcases exciting, new i ndependent artists Our live sessions feature some of the hottest rising artists from all walks of life. Join us as we bring these amazing bands and artists to the global stage with each session.